Monday, 4 January 2016

Misch & Co. - The Footballers ~ Series 445 (Postcards) (02)

1904 approx.

The Footballers ~ Series 445 (Postcards)
Misch & Co.
6 postcards

I've been able to add two more postcards to this checklist but there are still two more to find and one of them will be numbered 29513 or 29519.
29517 can be seen here - Misch & Co. - The Footballers ~ Series 445 (Postcards) and 29514 can be found on Paul Briers' website brentfordfcmemorabilia.
UPDATE (31-05-2018 17:28):  Phil Martin has confirmed that the missing postcard is number 29513 - details added.

29513.  A Good Save - Red and White striped jersey, Blue/Black/Navy? shorts
29514.  Ready to Centre - Blue and Yellow striped jersey, Blue shorts
29515.  Saving a Hot Shot - Goalkeeper
29516.  Ready To Shoot - Navy and White striped jersey, Navy (or Black?) shorts
29517.  On The Ball - Claret and Blue jersey, White shorts
29518.  A Good Header - Red jersey, White shorts


  1. Alan,

    Just acquired 29513 - "A Good Save" -Red and White striped jersey, Blue/Black/Navy? shorts.


    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the information, I've updated the list. I've also tracked down a photo of 29515.




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