Saturday 19 September 2015

Panini - (PAP-20) Football 84 (02)

(PAP-20) Football 84
526 stickers

Martin Bennett has kindly sent in a scan of this sticker sheet for the Football 84 collection.

(PAP-20) Football 84 - sheet 3

231.  Team Photo (Southampton)

313.  Team Photo (Watford)
324.  Nigel Callaghan (Watford)
325.  George Reilly (Watford)
215.  Team Photo (Queens Park Rangers)
297.  Team Photo (Tottenham Hotspur)
194.  Garry Birtles (Nottingham Forest)
195.  Peter Davenport (Nottingham Forest)
199.  Team Photo (Notts County)
281.  Team Photo (Sunderland)
210.  Trevor Christie (Notts County)
211.  Justin Fashanu (Notts County)

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