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Futera - Coca Cola Australian National Soccer League (1994)

Coca Cola Australian National Soccer League
110 base cards

Autographed Legend card was a redemption card available in the packets. When redeemed Futera would return the redemption card (with a hole punched in it, so that it couldn't be used again) along with the LR1 card and a certificate card.

The Best of Both Worlds redemption cards could be redeemed for the same card numbered to 500. Again, Futera returned the original redemption card and a certificate card.
The Wild Card redemption card could be used to get a complete set of the Best of Both Worlds cards, but these are numbered to just 100 copies.
Not all the illustrations are to scale.

Coca Cola Australian National Soccer League

110 cards

1.  Paul Wade (South Melbourne)

2.  Charlie Yankos (Wollongong City)
3.  Lachlan Armstrong (Morwell)
4.  Kris Trajanovski (Sydney Olympic)
5.  Mehmet Durakovic (South Melbourne)
6.  Ransford Banini (Melbourne BUSC)
7.  Milan Ivanovic (Adelaide City)
8.  Matthew Bingley (Marconi)
9.  Paul Trimboli (South Melbourne)
10.  Robert Hooker (West Adelaide)
11.  John Markoski (Morwell)
12.  Ivan Kelic (Sydney Olympic)
13.  Tony Krslovic (Sydney United)
14.  Con Boutsianis (South Melbourne)
15.  Andrew Zinni (Melbourne BUSC)
16.  Gary Hasler (South Melbourne)
17.  Marshall Soper (Paramatta)
18.  Mark Schwarzer (Marconi)
19.  Fausto di Amicis (Melbourne)
20.  Shaun Parton (Morwell)
21.  Chris Slater (Brisbane)
22.  Mark Silic (Melbourne)
23.  John Gibson (Sydney United)
24.  Pedro Ricoy (Wollongong City)
25.  Peter Tsekenis (Newcastle)   -   card shows Angelo Petratos
26.  Joe Palatsides (Heidelberg)
27.  Francis Awaritefe (South Melbourne)
28.  Brett Hughes (Wollongong City)
29.  Manis Lamond (Sydney United)
30.  Ralph Maier (Newcastle)
31.  George Slifkas (West Adelaide)
32.  Kimon Taliadoros (Marconi)  with Glen Johnson (Marconi)
33.  Danny Wright (Brisbane)
34.  Alan Scott (Heidelberg)
35.  Stan Lazaridis (West Adelaide)
36.  Andrew Harper (Marconi)
37.  Scott Ollerenshaw (Wollongong City)
38.  Tony Spyridakos (Sydney Olympic)
39.  Kevin Muscat (South Melbourne)
40.  Gary Bratten (Heidelberg)
41.  Darren Stewart (Newcastle)
42.  Andrew Martin (Melbourne)
43.  Jim Kourtis (Melbourne BUSC)
44.  Angie Goutzioulis (South Melbourne)
45.  George Hannah (Morwell)
46.  Carl Veart (Adelaide City)
47.  Ante Milicic (Sydney United)
48.  Clint Gosling (Newcastle)
49.  Dale white (Wollongong City)
50.  Peter Tsolakis (South Melbourne)
51.  Josip Biskic (Melbourne)
52.  David Barrett (Sydney Olympic)
53.  Alex Tobin (Adelaide City)
54.  Zaljko Kalac (Sydney United)
55.  Joe Spiteri (Paramatta)
56.  Michael O'Shea (Wollongong City)
57.  Eric Hristodoulou (Sydney United)
58.  Joe Tricarico (Melbourne BUSC)
59.  Mark Viduka (Melbourne)
60.  Gerry Gomez (Paramatta)
61.  Neil Owens (Newcastle)
62.  Branko Milosevic (Sydney Olympic)
63.  Adam Ciantar (Paramatta)
64.  Archie McGeachy (Melbourne BUSC)
65.  Ian Gray (Marconi)
66.  Steve Corica (Marconi)
67.  Alan Hunter (Brisbane)
68.  Robert Zabica (Adelaide City)
69.  Warren Spink (Newcastle)
70.  Paul Della Rocca (Melbourne BUSC)
71.  Jimmy Tsekinis (West Adelaide)
72.  Dean Anastasiadis (South Melbourne)
73.  Robert Stanton (Sydney United)
74.  Geoff Gunning (Paramatta)
75.  Michael Michalakolpoulos (Heidelberg)
76.  Robert Ironside (Sydney Olympic)
77.  Steve Jackson (Brisbane)
78.  Glenn Gwynne (Paramatta)
79.  Matthew Horsley (Wollongong City)
80.  Tony Vidmar (Adelaide City)
81.  Theo Selemidis (Heidelberg)
82.  Gary Phillips (Brisbane)
83.  Robert Ferla (Melbourne BUSC)
84.  Sonny Sevin (Morwell)
85.  Doug Hodgson (Heidleberg)
86.  David Miller (Melbourne)
87.  Glen Johnson (Marconi)
88.  Joe Mullen (Adelaide City)
89.  Tony Popovic (Sydney United)
90.  Troy Cranney (Brisbane)
91.  David Lowe (Newcastle)
92.  Gus Cerro (West Adelaide)
93.  Jason Polak (South Melbourne)
94.  Greg Brown (West Adelaide)
95.  Anthony Cassar (Morwell)
96.  Steve Tasios (South Melbourne)
97.  Michael Chatzitrifonos (Heidelberg)
98.  Gabriel Mendez (Paramatta)
99.  Oliver Pondeljak (Melbourne)
100.  Rob Brown (Newcastle)
101.  Steve Mautone (Morwell)
102.  Clint Bolton (Brisbane)
103.  Andrew Bernal (Sydney Olympic)
104.  Damian Mori (Adelaide City)
105.  Steve Corcia (Marconi) - U21 Player of the Year
106.  Paul Trimboli (South Melbourne) - Warren Medal Winner
107.  Marconi - 1992/93 Champions
108.  Checklist - 1-52
109.  Checklist - 53-104
110.  Checklist - 105-110 & Specials

Australian Olympic Team (1:7 packs) 

Australian Olympic Team - Promotional cards, stamped 'Sample'
12 cards #/2000

OR1.  Team Photo (Australia)

OR2.  Milan Blagojevic (Australia)
OR3.  Domenic Longo (Australia)
OR4.  Ned Zelic (Australia)
OR5.  Shaun Murphy (Australia)
OR6.  Tony Vidmar (Australia)
OR7.  Paul Okon (Australia)
OR8.  George Slifkas (Australia)
OR9.  John Markovski (Australia)
OR10.  Damian Mori (Australia)
OR11.  Carl Veart (Australia)
OR12.  Mark Bosnich (Australia)


L1.  Craig Johnson #/2000 (1:80 packs)

Autographed Legend - Redemption Card

NNO.  Craig Johnson 
- Redemption Card #/200 (1:800 packs)
LR1.  Craig Johnson #/200
NNO.  Craig Johnson - Certificate Card #/200

Best of Both Worlds - Redemption Cards

5 cards #/500

NNO.  Mark Bosnich #/500

RC1.  Mark Bosnich - Redemption Card #/500
NNO.  Mark Bosnich - Certificate Card #/500
NNO.  Mike Petersen #/500
RC2.  Mike Petersen - Redemption Card #/500
NNO.  Mike Petersen - Certificate Card #/500
NNO.  Frank Farina #/500
RC3.  Frank Farina - Redemption Card #/500
NNO.  Frank Farina - Certificate Card #/500
NNO.  Ned Zelic #/500
RC4.  Ned Zelic - Redemption Card #/500
NNO.  Ned Zelic - Certificate Card #/500
NNO.  Robbie Slater #/500
RC5.  Robbie Slater - Redemption Card #/500
NNO.  Robbie Slater - Certificate Card #/500

Wild Card - Redemption Card

1 card #/100

WC1.  Wild Card - Redemption Card #/100

NNO.  Mark Bosnich - Best of Both Worlds #/100
NNO.  Mike Petersen - Best of Both Worlds #/100
NNO.  Frank Farina - Best of Both Worlds #/100
NNO.  Ned Zelic - Best of Both Worlds #/100
NNO.  Robbie Slater - Best of Both Worlds #/100
NNO.  Wild Card - Certificate Card #/100

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