Tuesday 8 September 2015

Symonds Cider ~ Scrumpy Jacks Old Hazy Cider - Hazy Recollections ~ Sporting Greats


Hazy Recollections ~ Sporting Greats
Symonds Cider ~ Scrumpy Jacks Old Hazy Cider
10 cards (1 football)

Each cards can be found with one of ten different questions on the back. The cards measure 3.25" x 1.85".

Tottenham (Hotspur) v Sheffield (United) 1901

Harry Vardon (Golf) 1900
W.G. Grace (Cricket) 1908
Suzanne Lenglen (Tennis) 1919
Jim Jeffries (Boxing) 1903
Maurice Garin (Cycling) 1903
England's Grand Slam (Rugby Union) 1914
Brooklands (Motor Racing) 1907
Minoru (Horse Racing) 1909
Dorando Pietri (Athletics) 1908

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