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Magpie Publications / Card Times - Reader's Choice

Reader's Choice
Magpie Publications / Card Times
112+ cards

Card Times was a cigarette card and trade card magazine that has since gone out of print. They gave away four card sheets with many issues between 2002 and 2005. Here is a list of sheets that include football-related cards.

Reader's Choice - sheet 8 - June 2003

29.  West Pier, Brighton
30.  Farewell to Wembley's Twin Towers
31.  Anderton Boat Lift, Cheshire
32.  The Falkirk Wheel

Reader's Choice - sheet 14

53.  Dixie Dean
54.  Stanley Matthews
55.  Mary Rand's Leap
56.  The Queen Mother

Reader's Choice - sheet 15

57.  Billy Wright Statue
58.  Gareth Edwards statue, Cardiff
59.  The Surrey Scholar, Guildford
60.  Irish Famine Memorial, Liverpool

Reader's Choice - sheet 17

65.  Sign, Blackheath
66.  Bath and west Signpost
67.  Millenium Beacon, Gorleston-on-sea
68.  Baden-Powell first scout camp memorial

Reader's Choice - sheet 20

77.  Bobby Robson Statue, Ipswich Town FC
78.  Alf Ramsey Statute, Ipswich Town FC
79.  Johnny Owen Statue, Merthyr Tydfil
80.  Eddie Thomas Statue, Merthyr Tydfil

Reader's Choice - sheet 28

109.  Wilf Mannion statue, Middlesbrough FC
110.  George Hardwick statue, Middlesbrough FC
111.  Hyperion, Newmarket
112.  Babycham, Shepton Mallet

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