Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Detergentes Platín - Coleccione Campeones ~ Album Platín


Coleccione Campeones ~ Album Platín
Detergentes Platín
11 cards

Darren Hardy has sent in information about this collection...

A small album containing just 11 trading cards of Spanish players . Inside page has list of gifts that could be achieved by delivering one or two albums. The cards, 3cm x 3cm, were obtained by buying liquid detergent Platín; They are numbered and identified on the album with the name of the player in front. There are two versions of the cards, one in blue and another in red.

Coleccione Campeones ~ Album Platín - Red

Coleccione Campeones ~ Album Platín - Blue

1.  Ramallets

2.  Argilés
3.  Biosca
4.  Segarra
5.  Bosch
6.  Casamitjana
7.  Arcas
8.  Villaverde
9.  Di Stéfano
10.  Kubala
11.  Tejada

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