Friday, 7 August 2015

Futera / 7-Eleven (Malaysia) - Promo Stars


Promo Stars
Futera / 7-Eleven
10 cards

Three different sets of Promo Stars were issued, all featuring the same players. The other two sets were issued through Carrefour in Malaysia (shown previously) and Super Indo in Indonesia. If anyone can supply scans of a couple of cards from the Super Indo release I'll publish the checklist for that collection too.

PR01.  Michael Ballack

PR02.  Iker Casillas
PR03.  Didier Drogba
PR04.  Cesc Fabregas
PR05.  Thierry Henry
PR06.  Kaka 
PR07.  Lionel Messi
PR08.  Ronaldinho 
PR09.  Cristiano Ronaldo
PR10.  Fernando Torres

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