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A. & J. Donaldson / Kiddy's Favourites ? (Anonymous) - Sports Favourites ~ Rogue series (02)

Sports Favourites ~ Rogue series
A. & J. Donaldson / Kiddy's Favourites ? (Anonymous)
52 cards

Robert Muat has been in touch with some more information about this set. I'll let him explain:
I believe that these cards were issued by Kiddy's Favourites. They are traced-over copies and renumbered A. & J. Donaldson cards.
This set finished with card number 52. The 'Football Stars' set starts at number 53 (with 52 cards). All the other "Popular" series issued by Kiddy's Favourites have 52 cards in the set.
Some of the 'Rogue' card backs have parts of "Merry Christamstide and a Happy New Year etc." printed on them, as do some of the 'Football Stars' backs.
As with the first Donaldson issues; the 'Rogue' cards and the 'Football Stars' were printed as cheaply as possible on clean-up sheets of board.
The cards have the players' surname on the front, except for the Joe Mercer card.

1.  J. Mason (Third Lanark)
2.  G. Hamilton (Hearts)
3.  J. Fraser (Arbroath)
4.  P. Doherty (Derby County)
5.  Joe Mercer (Arsenal) (Captain)
6.  E. Turnbull (Hibernian)
7.  Dr. Cross (Queens Park)
8.  R. "Boy" Brown (Rangers)
9.  J. McGowan (Partick Thistle)
10.  J. Aitken (Airdrie)
11.  P. McKennan (Partick Thistle)
12.  G. Clapperton (Airdrie)
13.  J. Husband (Partick Thistle)
14.  T. Bogan (Celtic)
15.  S. Matthews (Stoke City)
16.  J. Morris (Manchester United)
17.  J. Aitkenhead (Hibernian)
18.  A. Wright (Hamilton)
19.  F. Dunlop (Aberdeen)
20.  J. Deakin (St. Mirren)
21.  G. Bruce (Aberdeen)
22.  R. Flavell (Hearts)
23.  A. Kiddie (Aberdeen)
24.  A. Stubbins (Liverpool)
25.  J. Kelly (Barnsley)
26.  N. Fleck (Falkirk)
27.  T. Brawley (Cowdenbeath)
28.  R. Smith (Dundee)
29.  Hannah (Albion Rovers)
30.  G. Lowrie (Coventry City)
31.  I. McColl (Rangers)
32.  F. Ewen (Dundee)
33.  S. Cox (Rangers)
34.  McIlhatton (Everton)
35.  K. Armstrong (Chelsea)
36.  W. Thornton (Rangers)
37.  J. Duncanson (Rangers)
38.  W. Robertson (Chelsea)
39.  J. Bonnar (Arbroath)
40.  G. Henderson (Stirling Albion)
41.  D. McAvoy (Liverpool)
42.  H. Carter (Derby County)
43.  J. Lindsay (St. Mirren)
44.  A. Ackerman (Clyde)
45.  J. Hagan (Sheffield United)   -   Hagen on the front
46.  J. Garth (Clyde)
47.  J. Simpson (Dundee United)
48.  E. Pacione (Dundee United)
49.  F.P. Kippax (Burnley)
50.  G. Johnstone (Aberdeen)
51.  J. Kerr (Hibernian)
52.  Frank Swift (Manchester City)

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