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Panini (Uruguay) - Selecciones de América 2001

Selecciones de América 2001
153 stickers

UPDATE (24-03-2018 07:03):  Luciano Martelotte has provided a few amendments to the checklist and these changes have been indicated below. Luciano also said that Argentina and Canada didn't play in the tournament, being replaced by Honduras and Costa Rica.

1.  Badge (Argentina)
2.  Roberto Oscar Bonano (Argentina)
3.  Team Photo (Argentina)
4.  Team Photo (Argentina)
5.  Hugo Benjamin Ibarra (Argentina)
6.  Gustavo Ariel Lombardi (Argentina)
7.  Sebastian Ariel Mendez (Argentina)
8.  Leandro Atilio Romagnoli (Argentina)
9.  Ariel Arnaldo Ortega (Argentina)
10.  Juan Roman Riquelme (Argentina)
11.  Esteban Cambiasso (Argentina)
12.  Javier Saviola (Argentina)
13.  Marcelo Delgado (Argentina)
14.  Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Argentina)  -  amended 24-03-2018
15.  Alejandro Martin Cardetti (Argentina)
16.  Bernardo Daniel Romeo (Argentina)
17.  Gastron Alejandro Sessa (Argentina)
18.  Badge (Bolivia)
19.  Jose Carlos Fernandez (Bolivia)
20.  Team Photo (Bolivia)
21.  Team Photo (Bolivia)
22.  Marcelo Carballo (Bolivia)
23.  Juan Manuel Pena (Bolivia)
24.  Ronald Arana (Bolivia)
25.  Marco Antonio Sandy (Bolivia)
26.  Richard Rojas (Bolivia)
27.  Franz Calustro (Bolivia)
28.  Lorgio Alvarez (Bolivia)
29.  Raul Gutierrez (Bolivia)
30.  Joselito Vaca (Bolivia)
31.  Carlos Cardenas (Bolivia)
32.  Lider Paz (Bolivia)
33.  Roger Suarez (Bolivia)
34.  Milton Coimbra (Bolivia)
35.  Badge (Brazil)
36.  Marcos Roberto Reis (Brazil)
37.  Team Photo (Brazil)
38.  Team Photo (Brazil)
39.  Cesar Rodrigues (Brazil)
40.  Edmilson (Brazil)
41.  Felipe (Brazil)
42.  Leonardo (Brazil)
43.  Juliano (Brazil)
44.  Luis Pozzi (Brazil)
45.  Augusto Ribeiro Reis (Brazil)
46.  Robert Silva Almeida (Brazil)
47.  Oswaldo Giroldo Junior (Brazil)
48.  Alexsandro de Souza (Brazil)
49.  Washington (Brazil)
50.  Ewerthon (Brazil)
51.  Edmundo Alves de Souza (Brazil)
52.  Badge (Canada)
53.  Craig Forrest (Canada)
54.  Team Photo (Canada)
55.  Team Photo (Canada)
56.  Paul Fenwick (Canada)
57.  Jason deVos (Canada)   -   amended 24-03-2018
58.  Tony Menezes (Canada)
59.  Carl Fletcher (Canada)
60.  Nick Dasovic (Canada)
61.  Jason Bent (Canada)
62.  Jim Brennan (Canada)
63.  Daniel Imhof (Canada)
64.  Paul Stalteri (Canada)
65.  Carlo Corazzin (Canada)
66.  Garret Kusch (Canada)
67.  Martin Nash (Canada)
68.  Davide Xausa (Canada)
69.  Badge (Chile)
70.  Marcelo Ramirez Gormaz (Chile)
71.  Team Photo (Chile)
72.  Team Photo (Chile)
73.  Ronald Fuentes Nunes (Chile)
74.  Francesco Rojas (Chile)
75.  Jorge Vargas Palacios (Chile)
76.  Pedro Reyes Gonzales (Chile)
77.  Alejandro Osoro Gonzalez (Chile)
78.  Nelson Parraguez Riveros (Chile)
79.  Rodrigo Tello Valenzuela (Chile)
80.  Claudio Rivera (Chile)
81.  Marco Villaseca Cabezas (Chile)
82.  David Pizarro Cortez (Chile)
83.  Ivan Luis Zamorano (Chile)
84.  Marcelo Salas (Chile)
85.  Sebastian Gonzalez Valdes (Chile)
86.  Badge (Colombia)
87.  Agustin Julio (Colombia)
88.  Team Photo (Colombia)
89.  Team Photo (Colombia)
90.  Pedro Paulo Angulo (Colombia)
91.  Jerson Gonzalez (Colombia)
92.  Arley Dinas Rodriguez (Colombia)
93.  Foad Haziri (Colombia)
94.  Jorge Bolano (Colombia)
95.  Gustavo Del Toro Castro (Colombia)
96.  Hector Hurtado (Colombia)
97.  Jhonnier Steiner Caicedo (Colombia)
98.  Oscar Restrepo (Colombia)
99.  Franklin Oviedo (Colombia)
100.  Oscar Ballesteros (Colombia)
101.  Jairo Castillo (Colombia)
102.  Edinson Vasquez (Colombia)
103.  Badge (Mexico)
104.  Jorge Campos (Mexico)
105.  Team Photo (Mexico)
106.  Team Photo (Mexico)
107.  Salvador Carmona (Mexico)
108.  Pavel Pardo (Mexico)
109.  Duilio Davino (Mexico)
110.  Claudio Suarez (Mexico)
111.  Miguel Zepeda (Mexico)
112.  German Villa (Mexico)
113.  Victor Ruiz (Mexico)
114.  Marco Antonio Ruiz (Mexico)
115.  Jose De Jesus Arellano (Mexico)
116.  Luiz Hernandez (Mexico)
117.  Jose Maria Abundis (Mexico)
118.  Juan Francisco Palencia (Mexico)
119.  Cuauhtemoc Blanco (Mexico)
120.  Badge (Paraguay)
121.  Jose Luis Chilavert (Paraguay)   -   amended 24-03-2018
122.  Team Photo (Paraguay)
123.  Team Photo (Paraguay)
124.  Rafael Ayala Gavilan (Paraguay)
125.  Carlos Alberto Pavan (Paraguay)
126.  Ruben Maldonado (Paraguay)
127.  Juan Daniel Caceres (Paraguay)
128.  Francisco Javier Arce (Paraguay)
129.  Roberto Miguel Acuna (Paraguay)
130.  Estanislao Samaniego (Paraguay)
131.  Victor Quintana (Paraguay)
132.  Julio Cesar Ferreira (Paraguay)
133.  Jorge Campos Velasquez (Paraguay)
134.  Diego Gavilan Zarate (Paraguay)
135.  Roque Santa Cruz (Paraguay)
136.  Hugo Rolando Brizuela (Paraguay)
137.  Badge (Uruguay)
138.  Hector Fabian Carini (Uruguay)
139.  Team Photo (Uruguay)
140.  Team Photo (Uruguay)
141.  Gustavo Mendez (Uruguay)
142.  Gonzalo Sorondo (Uruguay)
143.  Paolo Ronald Montero (Uruguay)
144.  Oscar Damian Rodriguez (Uruguay)
145.  Dario Rodriguez (Uruguay)
146.  Walter Fabian Coelho (Uruguay)
147.  Gianni Bismark Guigou (Uruguay)
148.  Fabian Alberto O'Neill (Uruguay)
149.  Clever Marcelo Romero (Uruguay)
150.  Gonzalo De Los Santos (Uruguay)
151.  Gustavo Varela (Uruguay)
152.  Debray Dario Silva (Uruguay)
153.  Nicolas Andres Oliveira (Uruguay)


  1. That's right. This is what Wikipedia says:

    When the tournament was originally cancelled, Canada disbanded its training camp and Canadian players returned to their club teams. The Canadian Soccer Association announced they would not be able to participate in the reinstated tournament. With only a few days notice, Costa Rica (CONCACAF) accepted an invite to take Canada's spot in the tournament. The Costa Ricans advanced to the knockout stage, losing in the quarterfinals.

    Complaining about the sudden reversal, and claiming that Argentine players had received death threats from terrorist groups, the Argentine Football Association decided to withdraw from the competition on July 10, in spite of Colombian authorities proposing to implement additional protection measures. With the tournament starting the next day, Honduras (CONCACAF) were invited, arriving with barely enough players on July 13 in an airplane provided by the Colombian Air Force, after the tournament started and just a few hours before its first game. The Hondurans performed well through the tournament, finishing in third place.

    1. Hi Luciano,

      Fascinating, thanks for sharing this information.


    2. You are welcome. I'm always happy to help with editing and sharing things here. Because a good site like this one, should always have the best :)


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