Thursday 11 June 2015

Panini - Germany 2006 ~ Japan National Team

Germany 2006 ~ Japan National Team
15 cards

This sub-set was only issued in Japan, another sub-set was also issued in the United States. Here is the checklist for the main collection of 205 cards - Panini - Germany 2006 (205 cards).

JNT1.  J.F.A. Logo

JNT2.  Japan National Team
JNT3.  Japan National Team
JNT4.  Samurai Blue 2006
JNT5.  Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi (Japan)
JNT6.  Makoto Tanaka (Japan)
JNT7.  Tsuneyasu Miyamoto (Japan)
JNT8.  Alessandro Santos (Japan)
JNT9.  Yuji Nakazawa (Japan)
JNT10.  Yūichi Komano (Japan)
JNT11.  Hidetoshi Nakata (Japan)
JNT12.  Shunsuke Nakamura (Japan)
JNT13.  Junichi Inamoto (Japan)
JNT14.  Atsushi Yanagisawa (Japan)
JNT15.  Naohiro Takahara (Japan)

JNT1.  JFAマーク

JNT2.  ロゴ
JNT3.  マスコット
JNT4.  サムライブルー 2006
JNT5.  川口能活 (日本)
JNT6.  田中誠 (日本)
JNT7.  宮本恒靖 (日本)
JNT8.  三都主アレサンドロ (日本)
JNT9.  中澤佑二 (日本)
JNT10.  駒野友一 (日本)
JNT11.  中田英寿 (日本)
JNT12.  中村俊輔 (日本)
JNT13.  稲本潤一 (日本)
JNT14.  柳沢敦 (日本)
JNT15.  高原直泰 (日本)

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