Friday 12 June 2015

McDonalds - Fort Lauderdale Strikers (1981)

Fort Lauderdale Strikers
21 cards

I would like to thank Andy for allowing me to use his photos that first appeared on his blog NASL Memories.

UPDATE (16-08-2016 18:33): I have replaced the Gerd Muller card as I have found that it comes from the 1980 set. Two 1981 cards have been added.

1.  Jan van Beveren
2.  Arsene Auguste
3.  Jon Pot
4.  Ray Hudson
5.  Elias Figueroa
6.  Bob Bolitho
7.  Ken Fogarty
8.  Colin Fowles
9.  Bernd Holzenbein
10.  Teofilo Cubillas
12.  Ruben Morales
13.  Jim Tietjens
14.  Keith Weller
15.  Gerd Muller
18.  Robert Meschbach
19.  Steve Ralbovsky
20.  Branko Segota
21.  Rick Wiegand
22.  Tedd Hamilton
24.  Thomas Rongen
25.  Roy Wiggemansen


  1. I have 8 of these cards all autographed. I used to go to their games as a kid. I wonder what my autographed cards are worth... Anyone interested?


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