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Reddish Maid - (RED-390/REG-3) International Footballers Of Today


(RED-390/REG-3) International Footballers Of Today
Reddish Maid / Silver Flake Sweet Cigarettes
25 cards

Check out an illustrated checklist on Nigel Mercer's superb website - Nigel's Webspace - Galleries of English Football Cards 1965/66 - 1979/80

1.  Jim Baxter (Sunderland - Scotland)
2.  Luis Suarez (Inter Milan - Spain)
3.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United - England)
4.  Klaus Sieloff (VfB Stuttgart - West Germany)
5.  Pele (Santos - Brazil)
6.  Jair (Inter Milan - Italy)
7.  Terry Paine (Southampton - England)
8.  Amarildo (Brazil)
9.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United - England)
10.  Coen Moulijn (Holland)
11.  Florian Albert (Hungary)
12.  Peter Thompson (Liverpool - England)
13.  Salvador Reyes (Mexico)
14.  George Eastham (Arsenal - England)
15.  Arne Arvidsson (Sweden)
16.  Gordon Banks (Leicester City - England)
17.  George Best (Manchester United - Northern Ireland)
18.  Luis Eyzagurre (Chile)
19.  Fred Pickering (Everton - England)
20.  Johnny Crossan (Manchester City -Northern Ireland)
21.  Denis Law (Manchester United  - Scotland)
22.  Mike England (Blackburn Rovers - Wales)
23.  John Connelly (Manchester United  - England)
24.  Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham Hotspur - England)
25.  Willie Henderson (Scotland)


  1. 12 is PETER Thompson, Phil was still in nappies ..

  2. 18 Luis Eyzaguirre is spelt incorrectly as Eyzagurre on the back of the card. Is there a version with the correct spelling on both sides of the card?

    1. Hi Pete,

      I hadn't realised there was an error with this card and have no idea if a corrected card exists, though I think it unlikely. I'll get images of the card on my blog in a new post in a day or two.

      Thanks for your help.


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