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Pacific Trading Cards - NPSL (1992-93)


Pacific Trading Cards
110 cards

The M.I.S.L. folded in 1992 and Pacific Trading Cards turned their attention to the N.P.S.L. (National Professional Soccer League). The N.P.S.L. had been in operation since 1984 and four M.I.S.L. teams joined for the 1992-23 season.

1.  Eric Dade (Baltimore Spirit)

2.  Jason Dieter (Baltimore Spirit)
3.  Joe Koziol (Baltimore Spirit)
4.  Doug Neeley (Baltimore Spirit)
5.  Stephen Nichols (Baltimore Spirit)
6.  Barry Stitz (Baltimore Spirit)
7.  Rusty Troy (Baltimore Spirit)
8.  Cris Vaccaro (Baltimore Spirit)
9.  Tim Wittman (Baltimore Spirit)
10.  Michael Britton (Buffalo Blizzard)
11.  Michael DiNunzio (Buffalo Blizzard)
12.  Paul Dougherty (Buffalo Blizzard)
13.  Dave Hoggan (Buffalo Blizzard)
14.  Dean Kelly (Buffalo Blizzard)
15.  Randy Pikuzunski (Buffalo Blizzard)
16.  Chris Szanto (Buffalo Blizzard)
17.  Terry Waldorf (Buffalo Blizzard)
18.  Richie Williams (Buffalo Blizzard)
19.  Denzil Antonio (Canton Invaders)
20.  Tom Bialek (Canton Invaders)
21.  Leszek Borkowski (Canton Invaders)
22.  Jimmy Daka (Canton Invaders)
23.  Gino DiFlorio (Canton Invaders)
24.  Bobby DiNunzio (Canton Invaders)
25.  Dick McCormick (Canton Invaders)
26.  Kenny Pryor (Canton Invaders)
27.  Alex Tarnoczi (Canton Invaders)
28.  Mirko Castillo (Chicago Power)
29.  Bret Hall (Chicago Power)
30.  Teddy Krafft (Chicago Power)
31.  Pato Margetic (Chicago Power)
32.  Gerg Muhr (Chicago Power)
33.  Kumba Olabi (Chicago Power)
34.  Russ Prince (Chicago Power)
35.  Artur Wywrot (Chicago Power)
36.  Glenn Carbonara (Cleveland Crunch)
37.  Tony Csiszar (Cleveland Crunch)
38.  George Fernandez (Cleveland Crunch)
39.  Zoran Karic (Cleveland Crunch)
40.  Hector Marinaro (Cleveland Crunch)
41.  Otto Orf (Cleveland Crunch)
42.  Andy Schmetzer (Cleveland Crunch)
43.  Tom Tanner (Cleveland Crunch)
44.  Mark Thomas (Cleveland Crunch)
45.  Vincent Beck (Dayton Dynamo)
46.  Tony Bono (Dayton Dynamo)
47.  Roger Campagnolo (Dayton Dynamo)
48.  Scott Cook (Dayton Dynamo)
49.  Bobby Harmon (Dayton Dynamo)
50.  Chris King (Dayton Dynamo)
51.  Chris Pfau (Dayton Dynamo)
52.  Jeffrey Popp (Dayton Dynamo)
53.  Phil Wolf (Dayton Dynamo)
54.  Chad Ashton (Denver Thunder)
55.  Andrew Crawford (Denver Thunder)
56.  Matt Knowles (Denver Thunder)
57.  Joseph Murtaugh (Denver Thunder)
58.  Rob Putthoff (Denver Thunder)
59.  Jeff Rogers (Denver Thunder)
60.  Tim Schulz (Denver Thunder)
61.  Tom Soehn (Denver Thunder)
62.  Jin St Andre (Denver Thunder)
63.  Pedro DeBrito (Detroit Rockers)
64.  Eloy Salgado (Detroit Rockers)
65.  Shane Schwab (Detroit Rockers)
66.  John Abe (Harrisburg Heat)
67.  Bill Becher (Harrisburg Heat)
68.  Richard Chinapoo (Harrisburg Heat)
69.  Danny Kelly (Harrisburg Heat)
70.  Bob Lilley (Harrisburg Heat)
71.  Joe Mallia (Harrisburg Heat)
72.  Doug Miller (Harrisburg Heat)
73.  Angelo Panzetta (Harrisburg Heat)
74.  Mark Pulisic (Harrisburg Heat)
75.  Saeed Bakhtiari (Kansas City Attack)
76.  Ed Carmean (Kansas City Attack)
77.  Peter Hattrup (Kansas City Attack)
78.  Brian Haynes (Kansas City Attack)
79.  Larry Julius (Kansas City Attack)
80.  Diego Mandagaran (Kansas City Attack)
81.  Jon Parry (Kansas City Attack)
82.  Jason Putthoff (Kansas City Attack)
83.  Scoop Stanisic (Kansas City Attack)
84.  Dan Donigan (Milwaukee Wave)
85.  Jim Gabarra (Milwaukee Wave)
86.  Scott Geraghty (Milwaukee Wave)
87.  Joe Kirk (Milwaukee Wave)
88.  Victor Nogueira (Milwaukee Wave)
89.  Rene Ortiz (Milwaukee Wave)
90.  Dan Stebbins (Milwaukee Wave)
91.  Larry Sunderland (Milwaukee Wave)
92.  Jon Szczepanski (Milwaukee Wave)
93.  Terry Brown (St Louis Ambush)
94.  Dayl Doran (St Louis Ambush)
95.  Kevin Hundelt (St Louis Ambush)
96.  Slobo Ilijevski (St Louis Ambush)
97.  John Klein (St Louis Ambush)
98.  Doug Kriska (St Louis Ambush)
99.  Dan O'Keefe (St Louis Ambush)
100.  Jeff Robben (St Louis Ambush)
101.  Mark Santel (St Louis Ambush)
102.  Chico Borja (Wichita Wings)
103.  Brian Enge (Wichita Wings)
104.  Dale Ervine (Wichita Wings)
105.  Eddie Henderson (Wichita Wings)
106.  LeBaron Hollimon (Wichita Wings)
107.  Kris Peat (Wichita Wings)
108.  David Reichart (Wichita Wings)
109.  Kim Roentved (Wichita Wings)
110.  Alex Umansky (Wichita Wings)

NPSL - Pacific Pick The Pros (Gold subset)

1.  Matt Knowles (Denver Thunder)

2.  Dave Hoggan (Buffalo Blizzard)
3.  Fahmi El-Shami (Dayton Dynamo)  -  amended 06-07-2018  -  thanks to Henry Mehring
4.  Zoran Karic (Cleveland Crunch)
5.  Brian Haynes (Kansas City Attack)
6.  Joe Mallia (Harrisburg Heat)
7.  Kim Roentved (Wichita Wings)
8.  Victor Nogueira (Milwaukee Wave)
9.  Kia (Canton Invaders)
10.  Tim Wittman (Baltimore Spirit)

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