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L.Q.L. (Leria Quemada Laya), San Diego 2028 (Chile) - Calugas y Chicles Mundial (1962 World Cup)

Calugas y Chicles Mundial
L.Q.L. (Leria Quemada Laya), San Diego 2028
352 cards

Recently I published an incomplete checklist for a very rare collection of stickers issued in Chile 1962 - 22 stickers for each of the 16 competing countries.
I've had an e-mail from Carl at
I have attached scans of 2 cards that I can now identify, thanks to your
blog, Gerry Hitchens and Bobby Charlton.
These are from a similar but different release, it seems, as they are not stickers, but they do use the same images, more or less as the set you list on your site, from that 1962 LQL stickers series.
They are cards and are cut along the sides as indicated. John (the late John Allen was Carl's partner when they founded the Football Card Collector Magazine, Ed.) left a note saying they came in sheets of 4 to cut, which seems to explain the dotted lines along 2 sides only, and 2 straight edges.
They have been stuck down, the Gerry Hitchens item has a badly damaged back with no lettering showing, but the Bobby Charlton card remains more or less intact with the LQL logo visible.
Just thought you'd be interested. I have a load more - thanks to John - but these two seem to make a nice example pair, for the cards version of this release.
Best wishes, Carl
The card numbers from this collection seem to tie in with the stickers listed previously, so I'm including those details here too, in the hope that someone might be able to add to the checklist.

1.  Misael Escuti (Chile)
2.  Sergio Navarro (Chile)
3.  Raul Sanchez (Chile)
4.  Luis Eyzaguirre (Chile)
5.  Carlos Contreras (Chile)
6.  Eladio Rojas (Chile)
7.  Mario Mareno (Chile)
8.  Jorge Toro (Chile)
9.  Honorino Landa (Chile)
10.  Jaime Ramirez (Chile)
11.  Leonel Sanchez (Chile)
12.  Adan Goday (Chile)
13.  Sergio Valdes (Chile)
14.  Armando Tobar (Chile)
15.  Enrique Gonzalez (Chile)
16.  Alberto Fouilloux (Chile)
17.  Bernardo Bello (Chile)
18.  Hugo Lepe (Chile)
19.  Manuel Astroga (Chile)
20.  Manuel Rodriguez (Chile)
21.  Humberto Cruz (Chile)
22.  Alfonso Sepulveda (Chile)

67.  Castilho (Brasil)
68.  Pele (Brasil)
69.  Garrincha (Brasil)
70.  Pepe (Brasil)
71.  Didi (Brasil)
72.  Learcio (Brasil)
73.  Waldir (Brasil)
74.  Bellini (Brasil)
75.  Djalma (Brasil)
76.  Nilton (Brasil)
77.  Procopia (Brasil)
78.  Zito (Brasil)
79.  Zequinho (Brasil)
80.  Ditao (Brasil)
81.  Faustino (Brasil)
82.  Vava (Brasil)
83.  Zagalo (Brasil)
84.  Gerson (Brasil)
85.  Countinho (Brasil)
86.  Chinezinho (Brasil)
87.  Dorval (Brasil)
88.  Mauro (Brasil)

155.  Araquistain (Espana)
156.  Santamaria (Espana)
157.  Di Stefano (Espana)
158.  Puskas (Espana)
159.  J. Vidal (Espana)
160.  Rodriguez (Foncho) (Espana)
161.  Del Sol (Espana)
162.  Collar (Espana)
163.  Gensona (Espana)
164.  Rivilla (Espana)
165.  Suarez (Espana)
166.  Aguirre (Espana)
167.  Tejada (Espana)
168.  Perez (Pachin) (Espana)
169.  Gento (Espana)
170.  Zoco (Espana)
171.  Peiro (Espana)
172.  Carmelo (Espana)
173.  Vicente (Espana)
174.  Ruiz-Sosa (Espana)
175.  Paquito (Espana)
176.  Calleja (Espana)

199.  Alan Hodgkinson (England)
200.  Johnny Haynes (England)
201.  Jimmy Greaves (England)
202.  Ron Clayton (England)
203.  Bobby Charlton (England)
204.  Bryan Douglas (England)
205.  Ron Springett (England)
206.  Henry Banks (England)
207.  Peter Swann (England)
208.  Bobby Miller (England)
209.  Jimmy Armfield (England)
210.  Ron Flowers (England)
211.  John Connolly (England)
212.  Johnny Byrne (England)
213.  Ray Crawford (England)
214.  Gerry Hitchens (England)
215.  Joe Kevan (England)
216.  Al Pointer  (England) (sic - Ray)
217.  Mike McNeill (England)
218.  Maurice Norman (England)
219.  Bobby Robson (England)
220.  Ramon Wilson  (England)

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