Sunday, 29 June 2014

Davies & Herbert Ltd. - Newcastle Famous Footballers


Newcastle Famous Footballers
Davies & Herbert Ltd.
50 (21 Footballers)

Issued in the Newcastle area of New South Wales, the cards come in two different versions, one with a blue border and the other with a decorative red border.

Newcastle Famous Footballers - blue border

Newcastle Famous Footballers - red border

L. Brown

J. Cameron
T. Coates
P. Doyle
Rags Erwin
G. Gilmore
F. Hayes
A. Henderson
F. Jones
A. Lambert
P. Lennard
R. Lidbury
Jack McCouary
D.  McLauchlan
Jack Martin
W. Maunders
T. Oliver
G. Rowe
R. Sneddon
A. White
E. Williams

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