Thursday, 3 July 2014

Upper Deck - 2014 Goodwin Champions

2014 Goodwin Champions
Upper Deck
180 base cards

Upper Deck has released their 2014 collection of Goodwin Champions on 2nd July, 2014. A multi-sport set but covering so much more - monsters, works of art, prehistoric animals... Get in touch if you need a complete checklist. I've only included the football (soccer) cards here, which are made up of various cards featuring Sydney Leroux of the USA's womens team and Mattias Sindelar - he was an Austrian footballer who played centre-forward for the celebrated Austrian national team of the early 1930's known as the Wunderteam, which he captained at the 1934 World Cup.
I'll be adding a few more illustrations here as I track then down....

Base Mini
PARALLEL CARDS: Green Minis w/ Lady Luck Back (1:10 hobby packs/1:12 blaster packs)
PARALLEL CARDS: Canvas Mini (Print run of 99)
PARALLEL CARDS: Red Foil Minis w/ Magician Back #/14
PARALLEL CARDS: Mini Printing Plates #/4 (Hobby)
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Rainbow Minis w/ Presidential Back 1/1 (Hobby)
10.  Sydney Leroux      Illustration 01 (Base), Illustration 03 (Canvas Mini), Illustration 04 (Red Foil Mini 10/14), Illustration 05 (Red Foil Mini 3/14 - Back), Illustration 06 (Lady Luck Front), Illustration 07 (Lady Luck Back), Illustration 08 (Printing Plate - Magenta), Illustration 09 (Printing Plate - Magenta - Back)
140.  Mattias Sindelar      Illustration 02 (Base), Illustration 10 (Mini - Front), Illustration 11 (Mini - Back), Illustration 12 (Mini - Canvas), Illustration 13 (Printing Plate - Yellow), Illustration 14 (Printing Plate - Yellow - Back), Illustration 15 (Red Foil Mini), Illustration 16 (Red Foil Mini - Back), Illustration 17 (Gold Rainbow 1/1 - Front), Illustration 18 (Gold Rainbow 1/1 - Back)

A-SL.  Sydney Leroux     Illustration 19

42.  Sydney Leroux      Illustration 20

Goudey Autographs
42.  Sydney Leroux      Illustration 21

M-SL.  Sydney Leroux      Illustration 22, 23, 24

Memorabilia Platinum Series
M-SL.  Sydney Leroux   -   #/50       Illustration 25

Sport Royalty Autographs
SRA-SL.  Sydney Leroux     Illustration 26

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