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D.C. Thomson / The Rover - THO-690/THO-29 This Years Top Form Footballers

THO-690/THO-29 This Years Top Form Footballers
D.C. Thompson / The Rover

The Rover issue no.253, dated  20 February, 1927

1.  J. Blair (Tottenham Hotspur)
2.  H. Gallacher (Newcastle United)
3.  G. Briggs (Birmingham)
4.  J. Spence (Manchester United)

The Rover issue no.254, dated  27 February, 1927

5.  A. Jackson (Huddersfield Town)
6.  J. Ruffell (West Ham United)
7.  J. Crawford (Queens Park)
8.  C.H. Green (Sheffield United)

The Rover issue no.255, dated  05 March, 1927

9.  T. Glidden (West Bromwich Albion)
10.  G.A. McLachlan (Cardiff City)
11.  J. Gibson (Partick Thistle)
12.  W.R. Dean (Everton)

The Rover issue no.256, dated  12 March, 1927

13.  A. McIlroy (Sunderland)
14.  T. Bradshaw (Bury)
15.  R. Adcock (Leicester City)
16.  T. Jennings (Leeds United)

The Rover issue no.257, dated  19 March, 1927

17.  J. Lambert (Arsenal)
18.  G. Sommerville (Burnley)
19.  W. Harris (Aston Villa)
20.  W. Cook (Dundee)

The Rover issue no.258, dated  26 March, 1927

21.  G. Brown (Huddersfield Town)
22.  R. Parker (Millwall)
23.  Mitchell (Blackburn Rovers)
24.  A. James (Preston North End)

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