Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Snickers - Virtual Video Collection

Virtual Video Collection
UK and Germany

Each 'virtual video' contained training tips, there were five 'cards' for each of eleven featured player. Not really video, you move the card and the image appears to move too. Issued in the U.K. and Germany, and probably other countries as well.

1.  Leszek Pisz (Poland)
2.  Leszek Pisz (Poland)
3.  Leszek Pisz (Poland)
4.  Leszek Pisz (Poland)
5.  Leszek Pisz (Poland)
6.  Gary McAllister (Scotland)
7.  Gary McAllister (Scotland)
8.  Gary McAllister (Scotland)
9.  Gary McAllister (Scotland)
10.  Gary McAllister (Scotland)
11.  Tomas Brolin (Sweden)
12.  Tomas Brolin (Sweden)
13.  Tomas Brolin (Sweden)
14.  Tomas Brolin (Sweden)
15.  Tomas Brolin (Sweden)
16.  Phil Babb (Republic of Ireland)
17.  Phil Babb (Republic of Ireland)
18.  Phil Babb (Republic of Ireland)
19.  Phil Babb (Republic of Ireland)
20.  Phil Babb (Republic of Ireland)
21.  David Ginola (France)
22.  David Ginola (France)
23.  David Ginola (France)
24.  David Ginola (France)
25.  David Ginola (France)
26.  Les Ferdinand (England)
27.  Les Ferdinand (England)
28.  Les Ferdinand (England)
29.  Les Ferdinand (England)
30.  Les Ferdinand (England)
31.  Ruud Gullit (Holland)
32.  Ruud Gullit (Holland)
33.  Ruud Gullit (Holland)
34.  Ruud Gullit (Holland)
35.  Ruud Gullit (Holland)
36.  Dan Petrescu (Romania)
37.  Dan Petrescu (Romania)
38.  Dan Petrescu (Romania)
39.  Dan Petrescu (Romania)
40.  Dan Petrescu (Romania)
41.  Alessandro Del Piero (Italy)
42.  Alessandro Del Piero (Italy)
43.  Alessandro Del Piero (Italy)
44.  Alessandro Del Piero (Italy)
45.  Alessandro Del Piero (Italy)
46.  Karl-Heinz Reidl (Germany)
47.  Karl-Heinz Reidl (Germany)
48.  Karl-Heinz Reidl (Germany)
49.  Karl-Heinz Reidl (Germany)
50.  Karl-Heinz Reidl (Germany)
51.  Stéphane Chapuisat (Switzerland)
52.  Stéphane Chapuisat (Switzerland)
53.  Stéphane Chapuisat (Switzerland)
54.  Stéphane Chapuisat (Switzerland)
55.  Stéphane Chapuisat (Switzerland)

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