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The Cricket & Football Times, Bicycling and Athletics Journal - Sporting Personalities

1878, 1879, 1880
Sporting Personalities
The Cricket & Football Times, Bicycling and Athletics Journal

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Mike Prior has sent another e-mail:

By the way. I have a Woodburytype card issued with "The Cricket & Football Times, Bicycling and Athletics Journal" which must have been formed following a merger of various magazines c.1880 which has an inscription identifying the subject as W. Pierce-Dix. From my research I believe he was one of the first football referees but haven't been able to confirm this. The illustrations were issued stuck to the centre of the front page, which had no cover. Do you have any info that might help?
Champion Football Eleven of Scotland was given with volume 1, issue no.1 of 'The Cricket & Football Times' dated May 2, 1878 - the magazine was merged with others after issue 36 to form the new magazine referred to above.
It seems he was the referee at the 1881 F.A. Cup Final played at Kennington Oval where Old Carthusians beat Old Etonians by three goal to nil. He was also one of the main people behind the Sheffield Football Association. 
I found two more illustrations given away with this publication, both cricket items. None of them are mentioned in Cartophilic Society of Great Britain, nor in books about cricket cards.
Before I could publish this item Mike came back to me with a lot more information, which I will include here:

Magazine issue no. and card given

1.  Champion Football Eleven of Scotland (The Cricket & Football Times 02/5/1978)
?.  1876 Gloucestershire cricket team
?.  1878 Australian Touring Team (Cricket)  (published September 1878)
?.  1878 Harris Touring Team (Cricket)
?.  R.W. Irvine, Esg. (Captain of Scottish XV, 1978) (published 2 January, 1879)  -  added 23-11-2021
?.  1879 USA Touring Team (Cricket)
?.  1880 England Touring Team (Cricket)
?.  Souvenir of the National Testimonial to Dr. W.G. Grace, July 22, 1879 (published 1879)
?.  W. Pierce-Dix (Sheffield F.A., Referee) (Published 1880)
88.  W. Wallace, Esq. (Hon. Sec. RFU)
89.  Arthur Bills (Bicyclist of Wolverhampton)
90.  A.K. Butterworth (Capt. of Marlborough Nomads F.C. 1878 & RFU committee member)  (published 15/1/1880)
91.  Hubert Heron (Wanderers F.C. & England player 1873-76 & 78)  (published 1880)
92.  A.W. Hutt
93.  L. Stokes, Esq. (Capt. Blackheath F.C.)  (published 1880)
94.  J.W. Beningfield (Hon. Treasurer Bicycle Union)
95.  Master J.H. Iliffe (Bicyclist on a penny-farthing)
96.  E. Tegetmeier, Esq. (Late London Bicycle Club)
97.  F.W. Firminger, Esq. (LAC Blackheath Harriers)
98.  Mr. F.G. Walker (athlete)
99.  Arthur Hoare (cricketer)
100.  C.B. Wilson (Vice-President Bicycling Touring Club)

New Series

99.  F.E. Tobias (cyclist)  (48)
100.  G.L. Hillier (cyclist)  (49)
101.  The Oxford Crew (rowing)  (50)
102.  C.B. Wilson (cyclist)  (51)
103.  F.W. Firminger (athlete)  (52)
104.  W. Pye-English (cyclist)  (53)
105.  J.E. Dixon, Esq. (athlete)  (54)
106.  H.M. Oliver, Esq. (athlete)  (55)
107.  C.F. Turner, Esq. (athlete)  (56)
108.  W.R. Itter (swimmer)  (57)
108.  L. Stokes (football) ?
109.  C.W. Nairn (cyclist)  (58)
110.  A. Shrewsbury (cricketer)  (59)
111.  Canadian Cricket Team - unissued ?

The following is a list of cards offered in one of the later magazines 'price 3d each or 2/6d per dozen'.

Lord Harris
Hon. I. Keith-Falconer
A.N. Hornby, Esq.
H.L. Cortis, Esq.
D.D. Bryson, Esq.
W.G. George, Esq.
G. Pinder
W.D. Welford
John Keen
J.A. Squires, Esq.
S.H. Ineson, Esq.
H. Davenport, Esq.
H. McNeil, Esq.
George Edlin
H. Venn, Jun.,, Esq.
F. Cooper, Esq.
J.T. Richmond, Esq.
Master John R. Dean
N.C. Bailey, Esq.
W. Pierce-Dix, Esq.
G.T. Mawby, Esq.
C.W. Alcock, Esq.
W. Wallace, Esq.
Arthur Bills
A.K. Butterworth, Esq.
Hubert Heron, Esq.
A.W. Hutt, Esq.

More information on the Dr. W.G. Grace item:
Titled on the front, opening to reveal a mounted head-and-shoulders photographic portrait of W.G. Grace on the left and a record of his averages and scores of over 100, 1864-1878, on the right-hand page, printed in purple with gold borders.


  1. I have discovered that I have WG Grace pictured with his brother Fred and another cricketer issued as a supplement to the Cricket and Football Times. As Fred Grace passed in 1880 I expect this card was issued very early between 76-78 most likely.

  2. That's amazing. Yours is the first response to this post, which has been on my blog for more than 8 years!

    Is it the photo where W.G. Grace is standing to the left, his brother, G.F. Grace sitting in the centre and J. Southerton standing to the right?

  3. Hi Alan, no ..WG seated to the left,WR Gilbert stood in the middle and Fred Grace sat on Victorian style concrete fence with pillars supporting it on the right. it has the blue surround like the Pierce card but much thicker so maybe that card is trimmed and gilt lettering. To the top it reads Suppliment to Cricket and Football Times and the names also in gilt to the bottom. Corners are rounded. The address is at the bottom and reads 56/56 Old Bailey,london EC2.

    1. Sounds amazing, there's so little known about these supplements, such a shame. I can't even find the publication on the British Newspaper Library website.


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