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Sport magazine - SPO-020/SPN-3 Football Team Presentation Pictures (3)

SPO-020 / SPN-3 Football Team Presentation Pictures
Sport magazine
35 known

Bryan Horsnell has been in touch to add some further information about these cards. I've included all the previous information in this post. I couldn't find a new photo to use so I've gone with one of the ones I used previously.
The Bristol City card is unusual - if not 'unique'! - as it has no names of the players featured, has the caption 'BRISTOL CITY F.C. 1950-51 'above' the team group and the space 'below' the players group has the printed wording 'For Autographs' and Best Wishes from SPORT, in the bottom right-hand corner!

Arsenal   (Presented by Sport)
Aston Villa   (Best Wishes from Sport)
Birmingham City   (Presented by Sport)   ****
Blackburn Rovers
Blackpool   (Presented by Sport)
Bristol City   (Best Wishes from Sport)   -   Thanks to Bryan Horsnell
Bristol Rovers   (Presented by Sport)   ****
Chelsea   (Best Wishes from Sport)   ****
Doncaster Rovers   (Best Wishes from Sport)   ****
Fulham   (Presented by Sport)   ****
Grimsby Town
Huddersfield (Town)   (Best Wishes from Sport)   -   Thanks to Bryan Horsnell
Ipswich Town   (Best Wishes from Sport)   ****
Leicester City   (Best Wishes from Sport)   ****
Leyton Orient   (Best Wishes from Sport)   ****
Lincoln City
Luton Town   (Presented by Sport)   ****
Manchester City   (Best Wishes from Sport)
Mansfield Town   (Presented by Sport)
Middlesbrough   (Best Wishes from Sport)
Newcastle United   (Presented by Sport)
Norwich City   (Best Wishes from Sport)   ****
Nottingham Forest   (Best Wishes from Sport)
Nottingham Forest   (Presented by Sport)
Plymouth Argyle   (Presented by Sport)   ****
Portsmouth   (Best Wishes from Sport)
Port Vale   (Best Wishes from Sport)   ****
Preston North End   (Presented by Sport)
Reading   (Best Wishes from Sport)   ****
Sheffield United   (Presented by Sport)   ****
Sheffield Wednesday   (Presented by Sport)   -   Thanks to Bryan Horsnell
Stoke City   (Presented by Sport)
Sunderland   (Presented by Sport)
Tottenham Hotspur   (Best Wishes from Sport)
Tottenham Hotspur   (Presented by Sport)
Wolverhampton Wanderers   (Best Wishes from Sport)

****  These teams appeared on the front cover of Sport magazine during the 1950-51 season, but I don't have publication dates for them.

N.B.  The following teams appeared on the front cover of Sport magazine during the 1950-51 season but don't appear in the list of team photo cards. There may be more... there's a lot more research needed to be done regarding the front covers of Sport magazine.

Bolton Wanderers
Charlton Athletic
Swansea Town

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