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Ogden's Cigarettes - Footballers (various)

Footballers (various)
Ogden's Cigarettes

The other day I found the above card on eBay. Despite my interest in Welsh football, the card was unfamilar to me. I decided to check Dave Thompson book, Half-Time, Football and the Cigarette Card 1890-1940. For collectors of original cigarette cards issued prior to 1940 it is an invaluable volume. Mine is well-thumbed, so much so that I must remind myself to get another copy from somewhere. I digress, on checking the book I found that the card wasn't listed. Dave Thompson omits rugby players from the lists of Ogden's cards and I wonder of he though T.D. Parry was a rugby player. But he was a Welsh international. Here's the biography from Who's Who of Welsh International Soccer Players by Gareth M. Davies and Ian Garland:

Born Oswestry, 1880; dies Warrington, Cheshire, 17 August 1946.
Half back/Inside forward
7 caps (Oswestry United) v Scotlamd, Ireland, England 1900; v Scotland , England, Ireland 1901; v England 1902, 3 goals
Career: Oswestry United 1896-1905
     Tom Parry was a brother of Maurice of Liverpool fame and they appeared together in four international matches. In his seven appearances for Wales, Tom faced England on three occasions - a sign of the FAW selectors' confidence in his abilities. While Maurice pursued a career in football, Tom turned down all offer to become a professional. His importance to the Oswestry cause was seen in the team's decline after he gave up playing.
     Parry followed his father's profession as a leather tanner and studied at Lamb's Leather College in London. He was in business in Warrington from 1914 to his death.
Honours: Welsh Cup winner 1901

I've decided to compile a database to include examples of every football card issued by Ogden in the five year period between 1898 and 1902. If any one wants to help by supply scans of cards, please get in touch. As groups of subsets of cards are completed I'll show them here.


  1. If you go on to the cigarette card collectors forum and contact a collector on there called Ogdens cards I am sure he will be able to help, this man is the go to bloke for anything and i mean anything to do with ogdens cards


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