Sunday, 22 September 2013

J. & F. Bell / Three Nuns Cigarettes - Footballers

J. & F. Bell / Three Nuns Cigarettes
30 (22)

The missing numbers are all rugby players, I don't have a full list of them.

1.  W. Foulke (Sheffield United)
2.  J. Sutcliffe (Bolton Wanderers)
3.  G.O. Smith (Corinthians)
5.  W.J. Oakley (Corinthians)
13.  E. Needham (Sheffield United)
14.  F. Forman (Nottingham Forest)
15.  S. Bloomer (Derby County)
16.  A. Smith (Rangers)
17.  R.C. Hamilton (Rangers)
18.  W.C. Athersmith (Small Heath)
19.  J. Robertson (Rangers)
20. J. Drummond (Rangers)
21.  A. Aitken (Newcastle United)
22.  R.S. McColl (Newcastle United)
23.  B. Battles (Celtic)
24.  R. Walker (Hearts)
25.  J. Campbell (Celtic)
26.  A.G. Raisbeck (Liverpool)
27.  J. Devey (Aston Villa)
28.  C.B. Fry (Corinthians)
29.  J.W. Crabtree (Aston Villa)
30.  H.G. Rennie (Hibs)

Rugby players:
Allen (Ireland)
Lytle (Ireland)
Magee (Ireland)
Ryan (Ireland)
Gould (Wales)
Pearson (Wales)
Selwyn-Briggs (Wales)

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