Wednesday 25 September 2013

Jeff de Bruges - L'Equipe de France (Chocolate wrappers)

L'Equipe de France (Chocolate wrappers)
Jeff de Bruges
17 known

I don't know how many are in a set, which I presume was issued around the time of the 1998 World Cup. I only know of two so far...

L'Equipe de France (Chocolate wrappers) - White
L'Equipe de France (Chocolate wrappers) - Caramel
L'Equipe de France (Chocolate wrappers) - Dark
L'Equipe de France (Chocolate wrappers) - Hazlenut

Fabien Barthez   -   added 17-12-2022
Laurent Blanc   -   added 17-12-2022
Vincent Candela   -   added 17-12-2022
Marcel Desailly   -   added 17-12-2022
Didier Deschamps   -   added 17-12-2022
Youri Djorkaeff
Christophe Dugarry   -   added 17-12-2022
Christian Karembeu   -   added 17-12-2022
Bernard Lama
   -   added 17-12-2022
Frank LeBoef   -   added 17-12-2022
Bixente Lizarazu
Robert Pires   -   added 17-12-2022
Lilian Thuram   -   added 17-12-2022
Patrick Vieira
   -   added 17-12-2022
Zinedine Zidane   -   added 17-12-2022
Aime Jaquet - Manager
   -   added 17-12-2022
FFF crest   -   added 17-12-2022


  1. Hi Alan - there were 20 different wrappers in this set, divided by 4 color flavors (dark, hazelnut, white and carmel). There were available in a box collection of 16 or a limited edition tin of 36 chocolates. The tin features gold simulated signatures of the players. (source - International Soccer Archives)

    - white -
    Laurent Blanc
    Marcel Desailly
    Bernard Lama
    Frank LeBoef
    FFF crest
    - carmel -
    Didier Deschamps
    Aime Jaquet - Mgr.
    Bixente Lizarazu
    Robert Pires
    FFF crest
    - dark -
    Vincent Candela
    Christophe Dugarry
    Christian Karembeu
    Patrick Viera
    FFF crest
    - hazelnut -
    Fabien Barthez
    Youri Djorkaeff
    Zinedine Zidane
    FFF crest


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