Monday, 17 June 2013

Hokus-Pokus - Serie G: Sportler (2)

Serie G - Sportler
Hokus-Pokus Zauberphoto
38 (perhaps more)

Greg Graetz has been in touch with some information about his collection:

Hello, Regarding your list of Hokus Pokus, #13 is Joe Louis, and #28 is Sugar Ray Robinson. These were issued in two variations, one with the back side like in your photo, and the alternative was a blank back variety.

Here's the updated list:

G1.  Louison Bobet - Cycling (France)
G2.  Hjalmar Andersen - Ice Skating (Norway)
G3.  Malcolm Campbell - Land Speed (England)
G4.  Lenie de Nijs - Swimming (Holland)
G5.  Dr. Peco Bauwens - Football
G6.  Jesse Owens - Athletics (U.S.A.)
G7.  Hans Schafer - Football
G8.  Fritz Walter - Football
G9.  Reg Harris - Cycling (England)
G10.  Ferenc Puskas - Football (Hungary)
G11.  Angelica Rozeanue - Table Tennis (Romania)
G12.  Toshiaki Tanaka - Table Tennis (Japan)
G13.  Joe Louis - Boxing (U.S.A.)
G14.  Werner Liebrich - Football
G15.  Jupp Posipal - Football
G16.  Toni Turek - Football
G17.  Rocky Marciano - Boxing
G18.  Schiaffino - Football (Uruguay)
G19.  Werner Lueg - Athletics
G20.  Hans Gunter Winkler - Show Jumping
G21.  Herbert Schade - Athletics
G22.  Herbert Klein - Swimming
G23.  Heinz Futterer - Athletics
G24.  Emil Zatopek - Athletics (Hungary)
G25.  Sepp Herberger - Fussball
G26.  Sigvard Eriksson - Ice Skating (Norway)
G27.  Karl Kling - Motor Racing
G28.  Sugar Ray Robinson  - Boxing (U.S.A.)
G29.  Heinz Neuhaus - Boxing
G30.  Stirling Moss - Motor Racing (England)
G31.  Fritz Thiedemann - Show Jumping
G32.  Billy Wright - Football (England)
G33.  Chris Chataway - Athletics
G34.  Roger Bocquet - Football (Switzerland)
G35.  Ernst Ocwirk - Football (Austria)
G36.  Max Schmeling - Boxing
G37.  Gerhard Hanappi - Football (Austria)
G38.  Igor Netto - Football (Russia)

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