Friday, 3 May 2013

Greiling - Fussball cards

Fussball cards
Greiling A.G., Germany

Roger Pashby has been in touch again, this time regarding a German issue:

Hi Alan
Me again!
Just been looking at your Greiling info and I can add another one to the lists, although it's a series way beyond yours! I have a Series 21 card - no. 3 - of the captains shaking hands at the 1928 FA Cup Final.
The text roughly translates as "Before the English Cup Final, 1928. The captains Healless (Blackburn Rovers) and Stephenson (Huddersfield Town) shake hands. Rovers won 3:1"
Looking at your lists, this makes this an odd card in that it doesn't feature German players or teams.
Kind rgds, Roger
There is a fault with that Greiling card in that Blackburn did NOT play in red - they wore navy blue shirts!

Greiling was a very prolific cigarette card issuer during the 1920s and 1930s (I'll deal with the 1930s issues later). Here's a list of the various sets that I know about and I've included the number of cards in each set, where known.

I've been searching for details about these cards for years and I find it amazing that there isn't a good source of information anywhere on the internet. If you know differently, please get in touch.

20728-01 - Fußballsport - Mannschaften und Spieler  ..  ..  934 cards
20728-02 - Fußball - Momente  ..  ..  451 cards
20728-11 - Fußballsport  ..  ..  902 cards
20728-14 - Fußballsport - Series 1 - 14  ..  ..  270 cards
20728-15 - Fußballmomente - Series 1 - 26  ..  ..  810 cards
20728-22 - Fußballwurfelspiel  ..  ..  ? cards


  1. I have fussballmomnte card 307 which is Austria Vienna v, Barcelona.
    Does it have any value?

  2. Greiling cards from this period seem to sell for between 5 Euros and 15 Euros, depending on the teams involved. I'm expect a Barcelona collector would probably pay close to the higher price.


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