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Daily Dispatch - Football Stars (3 series)

Football Stars - 3 Series
Daily Dispatch
66 (1st series), 64 (2nd series) and 59 (3rd series)

I have extensive lists of football cards and stickers but I must admit that there are much more knowledgeable collectors out there than I. I recently added the above post to this blog and now I've heard from Huddersfield Town collector Roger Pashby:

Hi Alan
I just wandered across your blog by following a link from Nigel Mercer's wonderful website. I have some of these newspaper items on the 1946 section of my website at
Strangely, my SPORTRAITS items feature photographs of the player, together with a small cartoon at the bottom; the caricatures that you feature here are in the FOOTBALL STARS series.
Feel free to 'lift' any images that you like!

That's great to know. I'll be updating the original post with a link to this new one. I've got checklists for the 3 different series of Football Stars that were issued in the Daily Dispatch. I've had these lists for many years and I am ashamed to say I've forgotten who sent them to me. I would really like to give him a namecheck here.

Football Stars (Paper)
Action photo (newspaper cut outs)

1. Tommy Lawton (Chelsea)
2. Jack Dodds (Blackpool)
3. Mickey Fenton (Middlesbrough)
4. Jimmy Constantine (Manchester City)
5. Freddie Greene (Stoke City)
6. Johhny Hamlan (Manchester United)
7. Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)
8. Jimmy Delaney (Manchester United)
9. Barry Nieuwenhuys (Liverpool)
10. Davy Cochrane (Leeds United)
11. Maurice Dunkley (Manchester City)
12. Tommy Woodward (Bolton Wanderers)
13. Douglas 'Dalby' Duncan (Derby County)
14. Charlie Mitten (Manchester United)
15. Denis Compton (Arsenal)
16. Peter Kippax (Burnley)
17. George Smith (Manchester City)
18. Eddie Burbanks (Sunderland)
19. Jack Rowley (Manchester United)
20. Ray Westwood (Bolton Wanderers)
21. Jimmy Hagan (Sheffield United)
22. Don Welsh (Charlton Athletic)
23. 'Red' Froggatt (Sheffield Wednesday)
24. Andy Black (Manchester City)
25. Wilfred Mannion (Middlesbrough)
26. 'Raich' Carter (Derby County)
27. Alex Herd (Manchester City)
28. Willie Moir (Bolton Wanderers)
29. Stanley Pearson (Manchester United)
30. Alex Stevenson (Everton)
31. Stan Cullis (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
32. Leslie McDonald (Manchester City)
33. Leon Leutis (Derby County)
34. Harry Betmead (Grimsby Town)
35. Allen Chilton (Manchester United)
36. Jack Alkmaan (Bolton Wanderers)
37. Jack Warner (Manchester United)
38. Joe Mercer (Everton)
39. John Percival (Manchester City)
40. Ken Willingham (Sunderland)
41. Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
42. Danny Howe (Bolton Wanderers)
43. Henry Cockburn (Manchester United)
44. Rag Halton (Bury)
45. Billy Walsh (Manchester City)
46. Walter Mussen (Derby County)
47. Jock Kirton (Stoke City)
48. Ernie Forrest (Bolton Wanderers)
49. Sam Barkas (Manchester City)
50. Johnny McCue (Stoke City)
51. Norman Greenhalgh (Everton)
52. Billy McGren (Manchester United)
53. Geroge Hardwick (Middlesbrough)
54. Harry Hubbick (Bolton Wanderers)
55. Johnny Carey (Manchester United)
56. Andy Beattie (Preston North End)
57. Bert Sproston (Manchester City)
58. Edmund Shimwell (Sheffield United)
59. Laurie Scott (Arsenal)
60. Billy Hayes (Huddersfield Town)
61. Frank Swift (Manchester City)
62. Sam Bartram (Charlton Athletic)
63. Stanley Hanson (Bolton Wanderers)
64. George Marks (Blackburn Rovers)
65. Vic Woodley (Derby County)
66. Jack Crompton (Manchester United)

Football Stars Series 2 (Paper)
Caricatures by "Scott" (newspaper cut outs)

1. Tom Finney (Preston North End)
2. John McIlhatton (Everton)
3. Albert Geldard (Bolton Wanderers)
4. Eddie Kilshaw (Bury)
5. Dr. Kevin O'Flanagan (Arsenal)
6. Albert Bateman (Huddersfield Town)
7. Aubrey Powell (Leeds United)
8. Billy Morris (Burnley)
9. Neil Dougall (Birmingham City)
10. Tommy Walker (Chelsea)
11. George Antonio (Stoke City)
12. George Mutch (Bury)
13. Trevor Ford (Swansea Town)
14. George Robledo (Barnsley)
15. Charlie Wayman (Newcastle United)
16. Albert Stubbins (Liverpool)
17. Willie McIntosh (Preston North End)
18. Stan Mortensen (Blackpool)
19. Jimmy Blair (Blackpool)
20. Jacky Robinson (Sunderland)
21. Len Shackleton (Newcastle United)
22. A. H. 'Jackie' Gibbons (Bradford Park Avenue)
23. Peter Doherty (Derby County)
24. Bryn Jones (Arsenal)
25. Alec Ormerton (Stoke City)
26. Bobby Langton (Blackburn Rovers)
27. John Kelly (Barnsley)
28. Leslie Smith (Aston Villa)
29. Billy Liddell (Liverpool)
30. Chris Duffy (Charlton Athletic)
31. Geroge Farrow (Blackpool)
32. Tom Galley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
33. Bill Shankly (Preston North End)
34. Leslie Horton (Oldham Athletic)
35. Davy Jones (Bury)
36. Ernest Jackson (Sheffield United)
37. Tom Williamson (Oldham Athletic)
38. Alan Brown (Burnley)
39. Trevor Walters (Chester)
40. Bob Pryde (Blackburn Rovers)
41. Alex Forbes (Sheffield United)
42. Harry Johnston (Blackpool)
43. Albert Watson (Huddersfield Town)
44. Billy Brown (Stockport County)
45. Bob Paisley (Liverpool)
46. Archie MacAuley (Brentford)
47. Bill Gorman (Brentford)
48. Hugh Swift (Sheffield Wednesday)
49. Leslie Goldberg (Leeds United)
50. Arthur Woodruff (Burnley)
51. Raymond Lambert (Liverpool)
52. Bill Griffiths (Bury)
53. George Griffiths (Bury)
54. Con Martin (Leeds United)
55. George Cummings (Aston Villa)
56. Harry Oliver (Brentford)
57. Walter Crook (Blackburn Rovers)
58. Jack Preece (Southport)
59. Ted Ditchburn (Tottenham Hotspur)
60. Cyril Sidlow (Liverpool)
61. Jack Robinson (Bury)
62. Bob Hesford (Huddersfield Town)
63. John Bowles (Stockport County)
64. Jack Fairbrother (Preston North End)

Football Stars Series 3 (Paper)
Caricatures by "Scott" (newspaper cut outs)

1. Walter Rickett (Sheffield United)
2. Jack Johnson (Millwall)
3. John Chew (Burnley)
4. Jilly Mullen (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
5. Eddie Wainwright (Everton)
6. Tom Barkas (Rochdale)
7. Ivor Broadis (Carlsile United)
8. Tommy Burden (Chester)
9. Jock Weir (Blackburn Rovers)
10. Clarence Jordan (Doncaster Rovers)
11. Jack Boothway (Wrexham)
12. Dennis Westcott (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
13. Dicky Yates (Chester)
14. Dave Walsh (West Bromwich Albion)
15. Tommy Capel (Manchester City)
16. Walter Fielding (Everton)
17. Jimmy Dougal (Carlsile United)
18. Paul Todd (Doncaster Rovers)
19. Colin Lyman (Nottingham Forest)
20. Geoffrey Walker (Middlesbrough)
21. Colin Collindridge (Sheffield United)
22. Arthur Cunliffe (Rochdale)
23. Reg Attwell (Burnley)
24. Tom Brolly (Millwall)
25. Henry Bell (Middlesbrough)
26. Stanley Bentham (Everton)
27. Emlyn Williams (Preston North End)
28. Tom Holley (Leeds United)
29. Cyril Briggs (Accrington Stanley)
30. Bob Danskin (Bradford Park Avenue)
31. Arthur Turner (Birmingham City)
32. John Harris (Chelsea)
33. Roy White (Bradford Park Avenue)
34. George Bray (Burnley)
35. Peter Farrell (Everton)
36. Joe Cockcroft (Sheffield Wednesday)
37. Jim Harley (Liverpool)
38. Angus McLean (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
39. Harry Brigham (Nottingham Forest)
40. Ted Duckhouse (Birmingham City)
41. Harold Mathes (Burnley)
42. David McNeill (Chester)
43. Albert Cox (Sheffield United)
44. Ron Staniforth (Stockport County)
45. Jim Strong (Burnley)
46. John Smith (Sheffield United)
47. Arthur Jepson (Stoke City)
48. Alex Roxburgh (Barrow)
49. George Tweedy (Grimsby Town)
50. Gordon Hurst (Charlton Athletic)
51. Willie Fagan (Liverpool)
52. Ted Sagar (Everton)
53. Jack Smith (Blackburn Rovers)
54. Jack Wharton (Manchester City)
55. Joe Harvey (Newcastle United)
56. Harry Potts (Burnley)
57. Frank Mitchell (Birmingham City)
58. Tom Dawson (Charlton Athletic)
59. Ray Harrison (Burnley)
60. never issued (see #59)

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