Saturday, 15 January 2022

Fosse Collection - Barratt Football "Stars" (Reprint)

Barratt Football "Stars" (Reprint)
Fosse Collection
101 cards

Smaller than the original cards and on thicker white card with plain backs, the cards measure 31mm x 52mm.

H. Adcock (Leicester City)
T. Avey (Fulham)
A. Barrett (Fulham)
W. Blyth (Birmingham)
W. Brae (Ayr United)
T. Bradshaw (Bury)
Jack Cock (Millwall)
J. Cooksopn (West Bromwich Albion)
A. Cunningham (G. Rangers)
Len Davies (Cardiff City)
W. Davies (Notts County)
Fred Keenor (Cardiff City)
W. Kirkham (Port Vale)
J. Landells (Millwall)
A. Lockhead (Leicester City)
R. McDonald (Clapton Orient)
A. McGlory (Motherwell)
P. Maddison (Hull City)
A.L. Messer (Reading)
J. Murdock (Airdrieonians)
L. Murphy (Bolton Wanderers)
Reg Osborne (Leicester City)
Tom Parker (Arsenal)
W. Pease (Middlesbrough)
F. Roberts (Manchester City)
Dixie Dean (Everton)
W. Gillespie (Sheffield Wednesday)
G. Goddard (QPR)
S. Haden (Notts County)
W. Haines (Southampton)
D. Halliday (Sunderland)
N. Harris (Oldham Athletic)
Fred Hopkin (Liverpool)
R. Irving (Portsmouth)
A. Jackson (Huddersfield Town)
J. Jenkins (Brighton & H.A.)
R.F. John (Arsenal)
J. Seddon (Bolton Wanderers)
Joe Smith (Stockport County)
Joe Spence (Manchester United)
Clem. Stevenson (Huddersfield Town)
N. Storer (Derby County)
A. Thain (Chelsea)
J. Townrow (Chelsea)
J. Trotter (Wednesday)
Fred Tunstall (Sheffield Wednesday)
T. Vizard (Bolton Wanderers)
S. Wadsworth (Huddersfield Town)
Victor Watson (West ham United)
Jesse Whatley (Bristol Rovers)
S.W. Austin (Manchester City)
F. Barson (Watford)
M. Bell (Hull City)
Syd Bishop (Chelsea)
A. Black (Millwall)
D. Blair (Clyde)
W. Blyth (Arsenal)
J. Bradford (Birmingham)
Norman Bullock (Bury)
G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)
H. Chambers (WBA)
J. Collins (Swansea Town)
W. Cresswell (Everton)
P. McCloy (Manchetser City)
D. McKinlay (Liverpool)
J. McMullen (Manchester City)
F. Morgan (Notts Forest)
D.H. Morris (Swindon Town)
Alan Morton (G. Rangers)
E. O'Callaghan (Spurs)
Syd Puddefoot (Blackburn Rovers)
Alf. Quantrill (Bradford)
J. Ruffell (WHU)
Jim Dimmock (Spurs)
J. Elkes (Spurs)
J. Fort (Millwall)
Hugh Gallacher (Newcastle United)
Vivian Gibbons (WHU)
J. Gibson (Aston Villa)
A. Grimsdell (Spurs)
W. Hardy (Cardiff City)
J.H. Hill (Newcastle United)
J.H. Hulme (Arsenal)
David Jack (Bolton Wanderers)
Alec. James (PNE)
Sam Jennings (Leeds United)
J. Johnson (Sheffield United)
H. Jones (Blackburn Rovers)
Jimmt Seed (The Wednesday)
S. Seymour (Newcastle United)
H. Skitt (Spurs)
T. Smart (Aston Villa)
W.H. Smith (Huddersfield Town)
J. Sykes (Swansea Town)
W. Walker (Aston Villa)
Charlie Wilson (Stoke)
G. Wilson (Nelson)
T. Yews (West Ham United)
R. York (Aston Villa)
A. Wilson (Chelsea)
S. Wadsworth (Bolton Wanderers)

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