Thursday, 9 September 2021

Hit (China/Hong Kong) - Hit H.K. F05 - Footballers

Hit H.K. F05 - Footballers
36 cards

H.K. 5-001.  Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) with Gareth Southgate (Aston Villa)
H.K. 5-002.  David Beckham
H.K. 5-003.  David Beckham
H.K. 5-004.  David Beckham
H.K. 5-005.  David Beckham
H.K. 5-006.  David Beckham
H.K. 5-007.  Alan Smith
H.K. 5-008.  Micheal Owen
H.K. 5-009.  Micheal Owen
H.K. 5-010.  Sinisa Mihajlovic (SS Lazio)
H.K. 5-011.  Shevchenko
H.K. 5-012.  Shevchenko
H.K. 5-013.  Gabriel Batistuta
H.K. 5-014.  Ruud van Nistelrooy
H.K. 5-015.  Ruud van Nistelrooy
H.K. 5-016.  Patrick Kluivert
H.K. 5-017.  Rivaldo
H.K. 5-018.  Marc Overmars
H.K. 5-019.  Gabriel Batistuta
H.K. 5-020.  Francsco Totti
H.K. 5-021.  Francsco Totti
H.K. 5-022.  Steven Gerrard
H.K. 5-023.  Rui Costa
H.K. 5-024.  Hernan Crespo
H.K. 5-025.  Luis Figo
H.K. 5-026.  Zinedine Zidane
H.K. 5-027.  Zinedine Zidane
H.K. 5-028.  Raul Gonzalez
H.K. 5-029.  Raul Gonzalez
H.K. 5-030.  Hernan Crespo
H.K. 5-031.  Luis Figo
H.K. 5-032.  Roberto Carlos
H.K. 5-033.  Thierry Henry
H.K. 5-034.  Juan Sebastian Veron
H.K. 5-035.  Chen Yang (Eintracht Frankfurt)
H.K. 5-036.  AC Milan team group


  1. I found this looking for a card I own. This was very helpful. The problem I have is that this post is 90% of the information on this set I can find on the internet. If you have any additional information, and I mean anything that isn’t included in this post, it would be extremely helpful. Thanks

    1. Hi, I used to own the Ryan Giggs card and compiled the checklist at the time, mostly just names of the players. All the information I have is presented here.


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