Saturday, 3 April 2021

Panini - UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Edition (11) - Collector Box - Silver

UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Edition - Collector Box - Silver
678 stickers

•  1x Official UEFA EURO 2020 Referee Coin Silver plated with 999 Silver
•  1x Panini album for the UEFA EURO 2020™ Tournament Edition official sticker collection
•  1x Panini sticker box (100 bags with 5 stickers each) for the UEFA EURO 2020 Tournament Edition official sticker collection
•  1x White limited Collectors Box, Special Bundle Edition in a numbered Limited Edition of just 1,010 boxes

This unique Panini box is just right for every UEFA EURO 2020™ fan, young or old. With 100 packets of 5 stickers each, sticker fun is definitely guaranteed. The high-quality stickers depict all the amazing football players on all 24 nationals teams that have qualified, including newcomers Finland and North Macedonia. You might even be lucky enough to find all your favourite players. With 500 stickers your chances aren't bad! The stickers come in new shapes and include updated group photos. The team logo stickers all have a cool holograph with  3-D effect. The album includes pages showing the final tournament groups with complete statistics and analysis. Rosters and uniforms are updated, too. Additionally, the album includes action pages for stickers with pictures of players in action. This unique officially licensed sticker album is outstanding, the best you can find! Get it and you'll be the envy of every fan. This limited edition is perfect for every football fan and collector. Included in every box is an official referee coin like the one used to start the UEFA EURO 2020. With this, you will own a piece of history and will become a part of the official final. The coin is shipped in a small high-quality black box to ensure that it isn't damaged. The coin is a very limited edition and thus a real speciality, something you shouldn't miss out on! This special box is priced at £135.00 incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs and is expected to ship from 16 April, 2021, is available from The Official UEFA EURO 2020 Online Store.

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