Sunday, 13 December 2020

Sportsman Matches - Football Club Matchboxes (02)

Football Club Matchboxes
Sportsman Matches
5? matchboxes

It seems the matchbox packets I displayed on my blog recently were the second versions as the packets indicate the matches were British made. The newspaper cutting Bob Thomas provided mentioned a dispute with customers because the matches were made in Belgium. This intrigued Mark Hughesdon who decided to try and unravel what happened. It seems these are the boxes that were the cause of so much trouble (Four teams shown here but there's also a Coventry City one as there is a poor image used in the newspaper cutting. We can only assume that the distributors, Lennon Bros. Ltd., who Mark discovered, were based in Rugby, Warwickshire, decided to change to British-made matches, hence the packets shown in the earlier post (Sportsman Matches - Football Club Matchboxes). These earlier boxes are poorer quality compared to the later ones, paper pasted onto the boxes as can be seen in the last couple of photos 

Coventry City
Lincoln City
Mansfield Town
Nottingham Forest
Notts County

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