Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Topps - UEFA Champions League Match Attax 2020/21 (16) - FER1-FER16 - Ferencvárosi TC

UEFA Champions League & Europa League Match Attax 2020/21 
500+ cards

Here is an illustrated checklist of the Ferencváros cards that were made available yesterday (Monday, 23 November, 2020) for the first time.
These cards are exclusives to Relay/Inmedio newsstands, and available nowhere else. To get a pack of 5 Ferencváros cards you have to buy 4 normal Match Attax packs. But despite this, it's not easy to complete a set. There are 4 different kinds of Ferencváros packs, each contains the same 3 players, with the other 2 cards being a random selection. Some of the random cards are quite rare. So collectors need 10-12 packs to complete a set and to have another one very close to being completed. There are less then 200 Relay/Inmedio stands in the country, and all of them have received a fixed amount of Ferencváros packs with no replacements. So it's estimated that there could be approximately 1200, perhaps as many as 1500 sets available. Domestic demand is high, because Ferencváros is the way most popular team in Hungary, and this is Hungary's first appearance in the Champions League group stages for 25 years. So stocks won't last long.

FER1.  Team Badge
FER2.  Dénes Dibusz
FER3.  Miha Blažič
FER4.  Eldar Ćivić
FER5.  Adnan Kovačević
FER6.  Marcel Heister
FER7.  Endre Botka
FER8.  Gergő Lovrencsics
FER9.  Aïssa Laïdouni
FER10.  Ihor Kharatin
FER11.  Dávid Sigér
FER12.  Somália
FER13.  Oleksandr Zubkov
FER14.  Tokmac Nguen
FER15.  Franck Boli
FER16.  Myrto Uzuni


  1. Hi Alan. Have some doubts with this promo:

    - Getting all four Ferencvaros packs means you have always 12 fixed different cards?
    - If so, the random ones are from the remaining 4 or can also be from the others?
    - You can get all 16 from only four different Ferencvaros packs, right?

    1. Hi dantzig,

      It would take a minimum of 7 packets to get a complete set. If you are very lucky that would give you all 13 of the random cards plus the 3 cards that are in every pack.

    2. OK, I thought when you wrote four different kinds of Ferencvaros packs, each had the same 3 cards per different pack, so 12 overall when you buy.

      If it's always the same 3 for every pack + 2 random of the remaining 13, then this promo is just crazy, complete madness by Topps.

  2. Hello Alan,

    Are these just only exclusive in Hungary ?


    1. Hi Ben,

      Yes, only in Hungary.... and eBay I suspect.

  3. The four pack has 3-3 fixed each, but these "threes" are different in each kinds. Plus 2 random of the 16 kinds in each. So if you get all 4 packs you'll have the (4x3)12 fixed cards plus (4x2) 8 randoms. If you are very lucky 8 packs will deliver you all 16 kinds cards, but that's extra luck. The above estimate, that you need 12 packets (aka 3 pieces of each 4 kinds) to be almost safe is right.

    1. Thanks for letting us know :)

      So it's indeed 12 cards if you buy the four types of packs... Topps should have done the random two only from the 4 remaining ones, still doesn't make sense to me adding two of all 16.

  4. Just for the stats, my 5 packs:

    1 1
    3 3

    5 5
    8 8 8
    10 10 10
    13 13 13
    14 14

    16 16

    1. Hi mjy_live, can you help me buy this special packs?
      If, yes please write to me: mpiorowski@gmail.com
      thank you

    2. Hi mjy_live, can you contact me on milosivkovic89@gmail.com? I would like to get your help with this!

  5. If you buy more, the cards will balance. I had 9 sets + a 14/16 set + 9 other random cards. So the balance is almost perfect. Fake news for marketing and higher sell price purpose, but true news about stocks. Not to many left. At this point would be hard to find out more.


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