Wednesday 19 February 2020

Tschutti Heftli - Tschutti Heftli Sammelalbum 2020

Tschutti Heftli Sammelalbum 2020
Tschutti Heftli
300+ stickers

The 2020 album will be available from 3 April, 2020. 24 artists have been selected by a jury, to create artwork for the 24 teams in this year's Euro 2020 tournament, examples of each of their work can be seen here. In addition to the winners of the main competition, the jury also examined the submissions from children under the age of 13: twelve of them were chosen to provide artwork for a special double page in the album. The lucky winners are Anton Sohr, Lino Pätzold, Frida Nowothnig, Janis Kalt, Bruno Sohr, Mehmet Rüzgar, Antonia Ribi. Felix Anderes, Nicola Krause, Zoe Schumacher, Selina Helfenstein and Max Stämpfli.

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