Thursday 20 February 2020

Topps - Match Attax Extra 2015-16 (25) - Error card - HH3

Match Attax Extra 2015-16
226 cards + 3 x 3 LE's

Another card without the foil.

HH3.  Arouna Koné (Everton) v Sunderland, 01 November, 2015


  1. An interesting development.... do you think they are stepping into the Top Trumps void? No sets have been issued by them so far and last years were subtly undated. Wouldn't say no to Chelsea and Wolves sets, makes a change to the tat they normally produce, "on demand" or the never ending Living Set :(

  2. Hi Nik,

    Yes, an interesting development. That would be 1,300 cards if they did all 20 clubs! Any why stop there, I'd certainly buy a Cardiff City Club Edition set or two.


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