Monday, 24 February 2020

Topps - UEFA Champions League Match Attax Extra 2019/20 (19) - SU10-SU11 & SU61-SU62

UEFA Champions League Match Attax Extra 2019/20
300+ cards

As noted in the German checklist (Topps - UEFA Champions League Match Attax Extra 2019/20 (10) - Checklist - Germany) the players featured at SU10 and SU11 are repeated at SU61 and SU62. I presumed this was an error, with one pair correct and the other pair wrong, but it turns out that the checklist is right! Colón has provided scans that show Carles Pérez (FC Barcelona) can be found as SU10 and SU61 and Nacho (Real Madrid CF) can be found as SU11 and SU62.

SU10. Carles Pérez (FC Barcelona)
SU11. Nacho (Real Madrid CF)

SU61. Carles Pérez (FC Barcelona)
SU62. Nacho (Real Madrid CF)


  1. That's ridiculous.. and the reason why I really don't like, when they are making so many different versions from the same collection.

  2. The same happens with some more cards, for example, Dani Ceballos, in the UK it is a number and in Spain it is another

    1. Hi Manu,

      There are a few cards that have one number in one collection and a different number in one of the other collections, but these four cards are ALL in the German/International version.



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