Sunday, 6 October 2019

R. Binns - Halifax Footballers

Halifax Footballers
R. Binns / Hebble Cigarettes
18 cards

A mix of Halifax Town footballers and Halifax rugby league players. Evan Jones has provided the list of known cards and the scans shown above.
UPDATE (06-10-2019 20:29):  Evan has been in touch to correct the spell of some of the cards. Charlie Rowlands has been added to the list but his card has not been confirmed. Evan is looking for this card, if it exists, and the Arthur Evans card, if you have either of these cards available let me know and I'll put you in touch with Evan. All these players are Halifax rugby league players, so it seems unlikely that any Halifax Town players appear in this set. Evan also tells me that 13 of these images were issued as postcards by the Halifax Supporters Club in 1923.

J. Beattie
F. Brown
S. Burford
D. Davies
J. Douglas
A. Evans
C. Garforth
C. Halliday
A. Murdison
Arthur Peckett
F. Rawbone
Dai Rees
F. Todd
George Swan
I. Townsend
Eddie Watkins
Ready to Play (team line up on the field)
Charlie Rowlands  -  not confirmed

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