Thursday, 25 July 2019

Bridgewater Biscuits - (BRI-030) Coronation Series

(BRI-030) Coronation Series
Bridgewater Biscuits
48 cards

The cards measure 48mm x 28mm and have blank backs. The company also produced a special album to house the cards.

1.  H.M. Queen Victoria
2.  H.M. King Edward VII
3.  H.M. Queen Alexandra 1911
4.  The Coronation of King George V & Queen Mary
5.  H.M. Queen Mary
6.  H.M. King George V
7.  H.M. Queen Mary
8.  H.M. Queen Mary
9.  H.M. King Edward VII in Coronation Robes
10.  H.M. King George VI 1904
11.  H.M. King George VI
12.  H.M. Queen Elizabeth
13.  T.R.H. Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret Rose
14.  H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth
15.  H.M. King George VI
16.  H.R.H. The Duke of Gloucester
17.  H.R.H. The Duchess of Gloucester
18.  H.R.H. The Duke of Kent
19.  H.R.H. The Duchess of Kent
20.  H.R.H. The Princess Royal
21.  The Earl of Harewood
22.  T.R.H. Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret Rose
23.  T.M. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
24.  H.M. King George VI (Right)
25.  H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor
26.  H.M. Queen Elizabeth
27.  The Royal Princesses
28.  H.R.H. The Princess Royal
29.  H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor
30.  H.M. King George VI (playing tennis)
31.  H.M. Queen Elizabeth
32.  The New King & Queen
33.  The New King & Queen
34.  H.M. Queen Elizabeth 1901
35.  T.M. The King and Queen on their Honeymoon - 1923
36.  H.M. King George VI at a Football Match
37.  H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth 1931
38.  The Royal Family at Glamis, 1935
39.  Westminster Abbey
40.  The Present King with Queen Mary
41.  H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor, H.M. King George VI
42.  Windsor Castle
43.  The Royal State Coach
44.  Buckingham Palace
45.  Supper Room, Buckingham Palace
46.  Sandringham
47.  State Dining Room, Buckingham Palace
48.  The Private Chapel, Buckingham Palace

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