Monday, 27 May 2019

Newcastle Jets (Australia) - Newcastle Jets Trading Cards (2018-19) (03) - Checklist

Newcastle Jets Trading Cards
Newcastle Jets
40 cards

Mitchell Meade has provided a complete checklist and scans of some of the cards.
UPDATE (28-05-2019 11:41):  The Soccer Guy has provided some additional information as noted below.

1.  Glen Moss (Newcastle Jets)
3.  Jason Hoffman (Newcastle Jets)
4.  Nigel Boogaard (Newcastle Jets)
5.  Ben Kantarovski (Newcastle Jets)
6.  Steve Ugarkovic (Newcastle Jets)
7.  Dimitri Petratos (Newcastle Jets)  -  Gold
8.  Jair (Newcastle Jets)
9.  Roy O'Donovan (Newcastle Jets)
10.  Ronny Vargas (Newcastle Jets)
11.  Kwabena Appiah-Kubi (Newcastle Jets)  -  Mitch Austin listed in album - not printed  -  added 28-05-2019
13.  Ivan Vujica (Newcastle Jets)
14.  Kaine Shepard (Newcastle Jets)
16.  Nick Cowburn (Newcastle Jets)
17.  Danny  Georgievski (Newcastle Jets)
18.  Johnny Koutroumbis (Newcastle Jets)
19.  Kosta Petratos (Newcastle Jets)
20.  Lewis Italiano (Newcastle Jets)
22.  Lachlan Jackson (Newcastle Jets)
23.  Matt Ridenton (Newcastle Jets)
24.  Joey Champness (Newcastle Jets)
28.  Patrick Langlois (Newcastle Jets)  -  added 28-05-2019
29.  Jake Adelson (Newcastle Jets)
32.  Angus Thurgate (Newcastle Jets)
40.  Noah James (Newcastle Jets)  -  not printed  -  added 28-05-2019
44.  Nikolai Topor-Stanley (Newcastle Jets)

2.  Hannah Brewer (Newcastle Jets W-League)
6.  Cass Davis (Newcastle Jets W-League)
7.  Gema Simon (Newcastle Jets W-League)
8.  Sophie Nenadovic (Newcastle Jets W-League)
9.  Katie Stengal (Newcastle Jets W-League)
10.  Emily Van Egmond (Newcastle Jets W-League)  -  Gold
11.  Cortnee Vine (Newcastle Jets W-League)
12.  Tara Andrews (Newcastle Jets W-League)
14.  Taylor Smith (Newcastle Jets W-League)
15.  Renee Pountney (Newcastle Jets W-League)
17.  Jenna Kingsley (Newcastle Jets W-League)
18.  Clare Wheeler (Newcastle Jets W-League)
19.  Pana Petratos (Newcastle Jets W-League)
20.  Claire Coelho (Newcastle Jets W-League)
22.  Larissa Crummer (Newcastle Jets W-League)
28.  Britt Eckerstrom (Newcastle Jets W-League)

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