Thursday, 4 April 2019

Somportex - Football Action (Mini magazines) (02)

Football Action
Somportex / Somportex Lucky Bags
12 mini magazines

Derek Golson has provided a list of the missing issues. I have revised the date of issue from 1971 to 1964, the year the photo on the cover of the second magazine was taken. The previous post can be seen here - Somportex - Football Action (Mini magazines).

1.  Denis Law heads a goal
2.  Johnny Byrne, England and West Ham centre-forward, in action against Taibo of Uruguay
3.  Two promising young players, probably future internationals. Geoff Hurst of West Ham and Phil Beal of Spurs
4.  Goalmouth scene at Charlton
5.  An Arsenal forward in a tussle with the West Bromwich Albion defense
6.  They're not imitating Jolson... it's Weston of Leeds getting his centre past Edwards of Charlton
7.  Chelsea back Alan Harris cuts in to thwart the Ipswich centre-forward
8.  Spurs' Clayton races in to challenge Adam Blacklaw
9.  Big Ian Ure, the Scot who came to Arsenal
10.  Peter Bonetti jumps clear of out-reaching Jackie Henderson (Chelsea v Fulham)
11.  Rutter of Portsmouth holds off Eddie Werge of Crystal Palace so that goalkeeper Dick Beattie can save.
12.  A dramatic smothering move from Macedo to rob Graham Oates of Blackpool

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