Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Mon. Jean-Donat Dupont (France) - Indiana-Sport-Avion

Mon. Jean-Donat Dupont, Lille
64 cards (0 football)

The backs of the cards state that the series consists of 136 cards, but it seems there are only 64. Unlikely the previous set there are no football cards in this series. No quite a complete checklist though, card 51 still needs to be identified. The cards measure approx. 2½" x 3" and the one shown here depicts Babe Ruth in action.
UPDATE (28-11-2019 18:09):  John Olsen has identified the American Football game (card number 62). On Sunday, 15 September, 1935 Green Bay Packers lost a home game against Chicago Cardinals 7-6. A full report on the game can be found here - Packers History.

1.  "Miss Britain III" (Speed Boats)
2.  Avion Farman "GYPS1" 155 CV (Aviation)
3.  Gerghard Fiesler et son "Tigre II" (Aviation)
4.  Grand Prix de L'A.C.F. Des Motos (Motor Cycling)
5.  Courses de Dirt Track (Speedway)
6.  A L'Assaut de la Colline! (Motor Cycling)
7.  Hydrav. "Lieutenant de Vaisseau Paris" (Aviation)
8.  Avion Amphibie "Baby-Clipper" (Aviation)
9.  Avion "Robot" (Aviation)
10.  Hydravion "Pan American Clipper" (Aviation)
11.  Hydravion Lance Par Catapulte (Aviation)
12.  Avion Stratospherique Farman (Aviation)
13.  Avion "Winnie-Mae" de Wiley Post (Aviation)
14.  Avion "Irish-Swoop" (Aviation)
15.  Avion Farman “Type 221” (Aviation)
16.  Avion Causron "Typhon" Bi-Moteur (Aviation)
17.  Avion "Savoia-Marcheti" (Aviation)
18.  Avion de Chasse de 610 CV (Aviation)
19.  Monoplaneur de 25 CV (Aviation)
20.  Avion Caudron-Reault "Bengali" (Aviation)
21.  Avion "Mystery Plane" (Aviation)
22.  Grand Prix de L'A.C.F. 1935 (Motor Racing)
23.  Tour de France Cycliste 1935
24.  Tour de France Cycliste 1935
25.  Tour de France Cycliste 1935
26.  Tour de France Cycliste 1935
27.  Tour de France Cycliste 1935
28.  Tour de France Cycliste 1935
29.  Tour de France Cycliste 1935
30.  Cross Cyclo-Pedestre (Cycling)
31.  Tour D'Italie (Cycling)
32.  Saut en Ski (Skiing)
33.  Darrel Blanton en action (Baseball)
34.  Course de Triporteurs (Cycling)
35.  Jimmy M.C. Clarnon et Barney Ross (Boxing)
36.  Jim Londos et Georges Zakarias (Wrestling)
37.  Fagioli (Motor Racing)
38.  Grand Prix de Comminges (Motor Racing)
39.  Grand Prix de Nice (Motor Racing)
40.  Hydraion "Santos-Dumont" (Aviation)
41.  "Oiseau Blue" de Malcolm Campbell (Motor Sports)
42.  Nouveau Blue-Bird (Motor Sports)
43.  Dirt-Track Automobile (Motor Racing)
44.  Grand Prix Automobile de Dieppe (Motor Racing)
45.  Navire Porte-Avions
46.  Courses en Side-Car (Motor Cycling)
47.  Marcel Thil et Ignacio Ara (Boxing)
48.  110 Metres Haies (Athletics)
49.  Max Baer et Jimmy Braddock (Boxing)
50.  Joe Louis et Primo Carnera (Boxing)
52.  Peacock (Athletics)
53.  Vol a Voile (Aviation)
54.  Aquaplane (Water Skiing)
55.  Dreyfuss sur Bugatti (Motor Racing)
56.  Bobsleigh
57.  Varsi sur Auto-Union (Motor Racing)
58.  Courses en Ski (Skiing)
59.  Course de Bolides a Londres (Motor Racing)
60.  Match de Baseball (Babe Ruth)
61.  Depart d’un 100 Metres Nage (Swimming)
62.  Rugby Americain (American Football - Green Bay Packers v Chicago Cardinals)
63.  Trophee de L’ile de Man (Motor Racing)
64.  Roues Athletiques (Athletics)

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