Thursday 31 January 2019

Topps - Match Attax Extra 2018/19 (01) - Emiliano Sala (Cardiff City)

Match Attax Extra 2018/19
200+ cards

A number of collectors have contacted Topps to try and get them to include a card of Emiliano Sala as a New Signing in the forthcoming Match Attax Extra collection, but they all get the same standard reply:

The letter mentions license agreements but there shouldn't be any license problems as Emiliano Sala was a Cardiff City player, his transfer had been completed on the Friday evening before he was lost. 
Richard Wells of RichardWFootballCards has created an online petition to try and convice Topps to change their mind. Please take a minute or two to follow the link and sign the petition - Topps Match Attax should issue a card for Emiliano Sala of Cardiff City.

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