Monday, 17 December 2018

T.P.K. Hannah - (TNT-1) Top Flight Stars (Top Flight Cigarettes)

(TNT-1) Top Flight Stars
T.P.K. Hannah / Top Flight Cigarettes
25 cards (4 football)

1.  Stirling Moss (Motor Racing)
2.  Pat Smythe (Show Jumping)
3.  Peter Thompson (Golf)
4.  John Landy (Athletics)
5.  John Charles (Juventus)
6.  Ian Black (Swimming)   -   updated 17/12/2018   -   thanks to Lloyd Thomas
7.  Jack Brabham (Motor Racing)
8.  Joe Davis (Billiards)
9.  Ingemar Johanssen (Boxing)
10.  Pancho Gonzalez (Tennis)
11.  Sugar Ray Robinson (Boxing)
12.  Joe Baker (Hibernian)
13.  Peter Keenan (Boxing)
14.  Cliff Morgan (Rugby Union)
15.  Ben Hogan (Golf)
16.  Henry Cotton (Golf)
17.  Donald Campbell (Motor Racing)
18.  Stanley Mathews (Blackpool)
19.  Sir Gordon Richards (Horse Racing)
20.  Roger Bannister (Athletics)
21.  Juan Manuel Fangio (Motor Racing)
22.  Peter May (Cricket)
23.  John Surtees (Motor Racing)
24.  Denis Law (Huddersfield Town)
25.  Colin Cowdrey (Cricket)


  1. Card no.6 in this set is Ian Black, the Scottish swimmer, rather than the Aberdeen/Fulham goalkeeper of the era, making 4 footballers in the set. Regards, Lloyd Thomas

    1. Thanks Lloyd, probably why I only found four football cards when trawling the internet.

  2. Can you help me understand when this set was actually released? Specifically, I want to know if this is Denis Law's rookie card. The back of the Denis Law card references his "recent transfer to Manchester", but wikipedia says that didn't happen until March 1960. This would seem to make it a 1960 release. If that's true, then I suppose that Law's 1960 cards from Chix and Barratt are also rookies...? any insight would be helpful, thanks!

  3. Hi Brizzle,

    Thanks for getting in touch, I've amended the year of release for this set to 1960. As it mentions his transfer it was probably issued in the second half of the year. The Chix and Barratt cards were issued before his move to Manchester United so I'd consider those to be his rookie cards but not this set. Only my take on it though, I can understand others including this card as his rookie.



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