Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Panini (Spain) - Liga Este 2016-17 (06) - La Liga Logo (02)

Liga Este 2016-17
396 stickers

Angel Martínez Velázquez has been in touch to explain why there's a difference between the LaLiga logos used on some of the stickers. I'll let him explain:
The first edition of this collection, with the La Liga Logo, featured 396 stickers:
- 20 Escudos (one for every team)
- 20 foil stickers of players (one for every team)
- 16 stickers Serie Oro
- and the rest, 340 stickers
Following the release of this first edition La Liga entered into an agreement with Santander Bank to sponsor the competition and they demanded that the stickers used the new LaLiga Santander logo.
So Panini had to reprint the stickers from the first edition, but they only reprinted the 340 regular stickers. The 20 escudos, 20 foil stickers of players and 16 stickers Serie Oro can only be found with the original La Liga logo
But there is one difference, the Serie Oro stickers can be found with two different backs. The one shown on the left is from the first issue and the one on the right comes from the second issue, but they both feature the same logo.

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