Tuesday, 4 September 2018

V.C.C. - Sportsmen and Other Notabilities (11) - H. Bagge (Fulham)

VAA-030 Sportsmen and Other Notabilities
V.C.C., 71 Roman Road, London, E3
72 cards

A numbered card of H. Bagge has been found (card no. 17), thanks to the combined efforts of Roger Pashby and Garry Daynes. It had already been recorded but it's good to get a scan of the card. The unnumbered version can be seen here - V.C.C. - Sportsmen and Other Notabilities (08)
I have also found three cards related to the Film Stars section of the 72 card set. The card of Eugene O'Brien is similar to card no. 63, though the typeface is slightly different. It's possible that the other two unnumbered cards of Eddie Lyons and Doug & Mary (Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford) may also have numbered versions, as there are still 6 V.C.C. Film Star cards still to be identified. Apparently there are also 4 more similar cards - Charlie & Jackie (Charlie Chaplin & Jackie Coogan), Gaby Deslys, Bryant Washburn and Pearl White.
The most complete list of cards can be found here - V.C.C. - Sportsmen and Other Notabilities (07).

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