Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Second City Soccer Promotions / Big 3 Lottery - Soccer Stars (1981-82)

Soccer Stars
Second City Soccer Promotions / Big 3 Lottery
48 cards

Des Bremner (Aston Villa) 
Gordon Cowans (Aston Villa) 
Eamonn Deacy (Aston Villa) 
Allan Evans (Aston Villa) 
Colin Gibson (Aston Villa) 
Robert Hopkins (Aston Villa) 
Ken McNaught (Aston Villa) 
Tony Morley (Aston Villa) 
Dennis Mortimer (Aston Villa) 
Jimmy Rimmer (Aston Villa) 
Ron Saunders (Manager) (Aston Villa) 
Gary Shaw (Aston Villa) 
Nigel Spink (Aston Villa) 
Kenny Swain (Aston Villa) 
Gary Williams (Aston Villa) 
Peter With (Aston Villa) 
Kevan Broadhurst (Birmingham City) 
Alan Curbishley (Birmingham City) 
Mark Dennis (Birmingham City) 
Kevin Dillon (Birmingham City) 
Tony Evans (Birmingham City) 
Joe Gallagher (Birmingham City) 
Archie Gemmill (Birmingham City) 
Stuart Gibson (Birmingham City) 
Ian Handyside (Birmingham City) 
Philip Hawker (Birmingham City) 
David Langan (Birmingham City) 
Jim Smith (Manager) (Birmingham City) 
Colin Todd (Birmingham City) 
Pat van den Hauwe (Birmingham City) 
Torie van Mierlo (Birmingham City) 
Jeffrey Wealands (Birmingham City) 
Ronnie Allen (Manager) (West Bromwich Albion)
Brendon Batson (West Bromwich Albion)
Martyn Bennett (West Bromwich Albion)
Barry Cowdrill (West Bromwich Albion)
Nicky Cross (West Bromwich Albion)
John Deehan (West Bromwich Albion)
Tony Godden (West Bromwich Albion)
Mark Grew (West Bromwich Albion)
David Mills (West Bromwich Albion)
Remi Moses (West Bromwich Albion)
Gary Owen (West Bromwich Albion)
Cyrille Regis (West Bromwich Albion)
Alistair Robertson (West Bromwich Albion)
Bryan Robson (West Bromwich Albion)
Derek Statham (West Bromwich Albion)
John Wile (West Bromwich Albion)

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