Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Topps - UEFA Champions League Official Sticker Collection 2018/19 (09) - Packets

UEFA Champions League Official Sticker Collection 2018/19
600+ stickers

Different packets will be added here as scans become available.
UPDATE (10-10-2018 10:44):  Enrique Añón Calvete has provided scans of the two Spanish packets.
UPDATE (02-12-2018 12:54):  Wila75 has provided scans of both versions of two different packets available in Germany. He also supplied scans of the two packets available in Belgium but they are the same as the Spanish ones shown here.
UPDATE (16-02-2019 08:44):  Quique has provided scans of regular packets from France and Italy plus Italian ones that were given free with the Corriere dello Sport newspaper.
UPDATE (06-06-2019 20:31):  Argentina packet added, thanks to Quique.

CLS19-S4030.  Edinson Cavani, etc. - United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland
CLS19-S4030.  Raphaël Varane, etc. - United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland
CLS19-S4032.  Edinson Cavani, etc. - France
CLS19-S4032.  Raphaël Varane, etc. - France
CLS19-S4034.  Edinson Cavani, etc. - Italy
CLS19-S4034.  Raphaël Varane, etc. - Italy
CLS19-S4035.  Edinson Cavani, etc. - Germany - Promotional
CLS19-S4035.  Raphaël Varane, etc. - Germany - Promotional
CLS19-S4036.  Edinson Cavani, etc. - Belgium, Spain
CLS19-S4036.  Raphaël Varane, etc. - Belgium, Spain
CLS19-S4037.  Edinson Cavani, etc. - Germany
CLS19-S4037.  Raphaël Varane, etc. - Germany
CLS19-S4038.  Edinson Cavani, etc. - Italy - Corriere dello Sport
CLS19-S4038.  Raphaël Varane, etc. - Italy - Corriere dello Sport


  1. The Real madrid player is not Isco, is the French Varane (Packet 1)

  2. 5 stickers per packet in Spain

  3. Anyone interested to swap packets with 5 sticker for packets with 10 stickers?

  4. Where can I get the promotional packets?

  5. I have 30 packets with 5 stickers for packet.


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