Friday, 1 June 2018

Cyberqix (Netherlands) - World of Soccer Eredivisie Online Seizoen 08-09

World of Soccer Eredivisie Online Seizoen 08-09
306 stickers

Wila75 has provided scans of this album which combines collecting football stickers with online game play with special virtual cards. Every team has 17 stickers (nos. 1 to 306), then there are 4 pages with room for Transfer Update stickers (307-342) but he doesn't know whether the update stickers were ever issued. By entering the code on the backs of the stickers a whole new collection opened online. There were 54 Power Cards - Schoenen (Shoes), Fanclubs (Fan clubs), Bijgeloof (Superstition), Thuis Tenue (Home Kit), Uit tenue (Away Kit); Move Cards (70+ numbers) - these are cards that allow a player to make a move or an action. At the beginning of the season there were over 70 Move Cards and the website advised to look out for new Move Cards during the season; Management Cards (Total of 72 cards but 36 of them are in the album) - With these cards you can make your team perform better. Each team has 4 Management Cards - Elftalfoto (Team photo) and Trainer (Coach) are in the sticker album, but there are also Supporters (Fans) and Clubembleem (Badge).

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  1. will this game ever comeback?
    i know so many ppl who are missing it


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