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Upper Deck (Argentina) - Futebol Argentino '95 (02)

Futebol Argentino '95
Upper Deck
180 cards

My own checklist for this collection is very basic. John Levitt has provided a more in-depth one.
I recently came across a box of these that I had bought several years ago where I had merely opened the packets and not really done much more. The box was fairly battered which makes me think that I was offered it at a cheap price and to my surprise, with it being from Upper Deck I found I had a complete set of 180 Cards. Having looked up your checklist I realised I could add to it as shown below, essentially I have added Christian names and some Spanish grammar and possibly a few corrections. I did most of my research on Wikipedia and whilst doing so I discovered that the Argentine Football season consisted of two halves and that promotion/relegation depends on the individual team performance based on the previous 3 seasons. In addition I discovered that for the 95/96 season the Argentine First Division consisted of 20 teams yet only 19 were featured in this Upper Deck set. The missing team was Colón de Santa Fe (placed 3rd) who won a play-off against the team that finished 5th. The 2nd Division Champions were Estudiantes de la Plata and were included in the set.
Note that the number of cards for each team varies considerably (maximum 20, minimum 4). I have enclosed scans of a card (front and back) from each team, the two checklist cards, the wrapper (which is Gold foil and may require lightening) and the box which has been flattened. The box/wrapper art shows part of the picture from card no 1 and card no 63. There were 6 cards per pack and 48 packs in a box.

1.  Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya (Boca Juniors)
2.  Carlos Javier MacAllister (Boca Juniors)
3.  Néstor Ariel Fabbri (Boca Juniors)
4.  Nelson David Vivas (Boca Juniors)
5.  Rodolfo Martin Arruabarrena (Boca Juniors)
6.  Fernando Andrés Gamboa (Boca Juniors)
7.  Fabián Gustavo Carrizo (Boca Juniors)
8.  Blas Armando Giunta (Boca Juniors)
9.  Diego Armando Maradona (Boca Juniors)
10.  Alberto José Márcico (Boca Juniors)
11.  Walter Reinaldo Pico (Boca Juniors)
12.  Sergio Daniel Martinez (Boca Juniors)
13.  Claudio Paul Caniggia (Boca Juniors)
14.  Alphonse Tchami (Boca Juniors)
15.  Darío Scotto (Boca Juniors)
16.  Cristian Alberto González (Peret) (Boca Juniors)
17.  Martín Herrera (Boca Juniors)
18.  Julio Cesar Saldaña (Boca Juniors)
19.  Andrés Sebastián Bogado (Boca Juniors)
20.  Arturo Marcelo Yorno (Boca Juniors)
21.  César Alfredo Velázquez (Independiente)
22.  José Tiburcio Serrizuela (Independiente)
23.  Pablo Oscar Rotchen (Independiente)
24.  Claudio David Arzeno (Independiente)
25.  Jaun Carlos Ramirez (Independiente)
26.  Guillermo Daniel Rios (Independiente)
27.  Diego Cagna (Independiente)
28.  Jorge Luis Burruchaga (Independiente)
29.  Gustavo Adrián Lopez (Independiente)
30.  David Oscar Garnero (Independiente)
31.  Juan Ramón Jara (Independiente)
32.  Roberto Molina (Independiente)
33.  Roberto Acuña (Independiente)
34.  Javier Gustavo Mazzoni (Independiente)
35.  Luis Alberto Carranza (Independiente)
36.  Cristian Domizzi (Independiente)
37.  Ignacio Carlos Gonzalez (Racing Club)
38.  Bernardo Ragg (Racing Club)
39.  Roberto Fabián Pompei (Racing Club)
40.  Gustavo Adolfo Costas (Racing Club)
41.  Sergio Ariel Zanetti (Racing Club)
42.  Claudio Ubeda (Racing Club)
43.  Jorge Federico Reinoso (Racing Club)
44.  Roberto Carlos Galarza (Racing Club)
45.  Gustavo Chacoma (Racing Club)
46.  Fernando Héctor Quiroz (Racing Club)
47.  Claudio Javier Lopez (Racing Club)
48.  Rubén Capria (Racing Club)
49.  Pablo Andrés Michelini (Racing Club)
50.  Marcelo Delgado (Racing Club)
51.  Silvio René Carrario (Racing Club)
52.  Germán Adrián Burgos (River Plate)
53.  Ovaldo Javier Sodero (River Plate)
54.  Hernán Edgardo Diaz (River Plate)
55.  Guillermo Daniel Rivarola (River Plate)
56.  Enrique Ernesto Corti (River Plate)
57.  Ricardo Daniel Altamirano (River Plate)
58.  Matías Jesús Almeyda (River Plate)
59.  Leonardo Rubén Astrada (River Plate)
60.  Marcelo Daniel Gallardo (River Plate)
61.  Sergio Ariel Berti (River Plate)
62.  Celso Ayala (River Plate)
63.  Enzo Francescoli (River Plate)
64.  Nestor Gabriel Cedres (River Plate)
65.  Hernán Jorge Crespo (River Plate)
66.  Arnaldo Ariel Ortega (River Plate)
67.  Oscar Fernando Passet (San Lorenzo)
68.  Gilberto Angelucci (San Lorenzo)
69.  Oscar Alberto Arevalo (San Lorenzo)
70.  Oscar Alfredo Ruggeri (San Lorenzo)
71.  Damián Manusovich (San Lorenzo)
72.  Mario Rolando Escudero (San Lorenzo)
73.  Roberto Carlos Monserrat (San Lorenzo)
74.  Fernando Edgar Galetto (San Lorenzo)
75.  Carlos Javier Netto (San Lorenzo)
76.  Paulo Silas (San Lorenzo)
77.  Claudio Rivadero (San Lorenzo)
78.  Claudi Darío Biaggio (San Lorenzo)
79.  Javier Alejandro Arbarello (San Lorenzo)
80.  Esteban Fernando Gonzalez (San Lorenzo)
81.  Gustavo Domingo Quinteros (San Lorenzo)
82.  Norberto Ortega Sanchez (San Lorenzo)
83.  José Luis Chilavert (Vélez Sársfield)
84.  Sandro Guzman (Vélez Sársfield)
85.  Flavio Gabriel Zandona (Vélez Sársfield)
86.  Roberto Trotta (Vélez Sársfield)
87.  Guillermo Carlos Moriggi (Vélez Sársfield)
88.  Victor Hugo Sotomayor (Vélez Sársfield)
89.  Raúl Ernesto Cardozo (Vélez Sársfield)
90.  Héctor Banegas (Vélez Sársfield)
91.  José Horacio Basualdo (Vélez Sársfield)
92.  Marcelo Adrián Gomez (Vélez Sársfield)
93.  Claudio Daniel Husain (Vélez Sársfield)
94.  Fabián Fernandez (Vélez Sársfield)
95.  José Oscar Flores (Vélez Sársfield)
96.  Omar Andrés Asad (Vélez Sársfield)
97.  Carlos Compagnucci (Vélez Sársfield)
98.  Patricio Camps (Vélez Sársfield)
99.  Mauricio Pellegrino (Vélez Sársfield)
100.  Damián Maltagliatti (Argentinos Juniors)
101.  Fernando Ariel Batista (Argentinos Juniors)
102.  Leonel Fernando Gancedo (Argentinos Juniors)
103.  Sergio Lopez Maradona (Argentinos Juniors)
104.  Juan Jóse Cardinal (Argentinos Juniors)
105.  Eduardo Bennett (Argentinos Juniors)
106.  Cristian Gastón Zermatten (Argentinos Juniors)
107.  Angel David Comizzo (Banfield)
108.  Carlos Moya (Banfield)
109.  Daniel Delfino (Banfield)
110.  Raúl Edmundo Wensel (Banfield)
111.  Mariano Campodonico (Banfield)
112.  Mauro Estéban Navas (Banfield)
113.  Jorge Rubén Jimenez (Banfield)
114.  César Orlando Labarre (Belgrano de Córdoba)
115.  José Sebastián Brusco (Belgrano de Córdoba)
116.  Luis Fabian Artime Artime (Belgrano de Córdoba)
117.  Ariel Rocha (Ferro Carril Oeste)
118.  Jorge Luis Cordon (Ferro Carril Oeste)
119.  Doctor Theofilus Khumalo (Ferro Carril Oeste)
120.  Sergio Aníbal Mandrini (Ferro Carril Oeste)
121.  Carlos Alejandro Dure (Ferro Carril Oeste)
122.  Carlos Alberto Panciroli (Gimnasia de Jujuy)
123.  José Batista (Gimnasia de Jujuy)
124.  José Antonio Barrella (Gimnasia de Jujuy)
125.  Marcelo Andrés Trimarchi (Gimnasia de Jujuy)
126.  Rubén Darío Piaggio (Gimnasia de Jujuy)
127.  Enzo Leonardo Noce (Gimnasia La Plata)
128.  Sergio Daniel Dopazo (Gimnasia La Plata)
129.  Daniel Lucio Alonso (Gimnasia La Plata)
130.  Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Gimnasia La Plata)
131.  Federico Carlos Lagorio (Gimnasia La Plata)
132.  Marcos Juan Gutierrez (Huracán)
133.  Pedro Barrios (Huracán)
134.  Claudio Javier Marini (Huracán)
135.  Wálter Luis Pelletti (Huracán)
136.  Hugo Romeo Guerra (Huracán)
137.  Carlos Angel Roa (Lanús)
138.  César Daniel Loza (Lanús)
139.  Daniel Cravero (Lanús)
140.  Fernando Di Carlo (Lanús)
141.  Luis Alberto Islas (Newell's Old Boys)
142.  Fabián Basualdo (Newell's Old Boys)
143.  Alfredo Jesús Berti (Newell's Old Boys)
144.  Alberto Galucci (Newell's Old Boys)
145.  Marcelo Escudero (Newell's Old Boys)
146.  César Leonardo Monasterio (Platenese)
147.  Daniel Alberto Loyola (Platenese)
148.  Mariano Dalla Libera (Platenese)
149.  Daniel Gustavo Cangialossi (Platenese)
150.  Hernán Maisterra (Platenese)
151.  Roberto Abbondancieri (Rosario Central)
152.  Gustavo Germán Falaschi (Rosario Central)
153.  Omar Arnaldo Palma (Rosario Central)
154.  Christian Daniel Colusso (Rosario Central)
155.  Federico Guillermo Lussenhoff (Rosario Central)
156.  Gustavo Campagnuolo (Deportivo Español)
157.  Wilson Nuñez (Deportivo Español)
158.  Hugo Norberto Castillo (Deportivo Español)
159.  Carlos Gustavo Bossio (Estudiantes de la Plata)
160.  Edgardo Fabián Pratola (Estudiantes de la Plata)
161.  Raúl Alfredo Cascini (Estudiantes de la Plata)
162.  José Luis Calderon (Estudiantes de la Plata)
163.  Héctor Alfredo Almandoz (Estudiantes de la Plata)

Futebol Argentino '95 - Les Estrellas

164.  Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya (Boca Juniors)
165.  Diego Armando Maradona (Boca Juniors)
166.  Claudio Paul Caniggia (Boca Juniors)
167.  David Oscar Gamero (Independiente)
168.  Ignacio Carlos Gonzalez (Racing Club)
169.  Germán Adrián Burgos (River Plate)
170.  Enzo Francescoli (River Plate)
171.  Arnaldo Ariel Ortega (River Plate)
172.  Oscar Fernando Passet (San Lorenzo)
173.  Oscar Alfredo Ruggeri (San Lorenzo)
174.  Paulo Silas (San Lorenzo)
175.  José Luis Chilavert (Vélez Sársfield)
176.  José Oscar Flores (Vélez Sársfield)
177.  Luis Alberto Islas (Newell's Old Boys)
178.  Alberto José Marcico (Boca Juniors)

Futebol Argentino '95 - Checklist

179.  Checklist 1-90
180.  Checklist 91-180

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