Sunday, 20 May 2018

A&BC Chewing Gum - Picture Card Album

Picture Card Album
A&BC Chewing Gum
1 album

I must have been around 9 or 10 when a sweets van used to come around our street and they sold packets of gum with cards inside - Footballers, Cricketers, Flags of the World, etc. I used to collect most of the different sets. I was amazed to kind this almost mint condition album on eBay and recognised it as the same album I used to collect my cards in. The album is generic and I needed to write the name of the collection on the front and list all the cards in the back of the album (probably where I got my obsession with checklists from). I've got to say, cutting the slots was a real pain, there were no Stanley knives (box cutters) around then or if there were we never had one. I had to force a scissors point through the rough paper before cutting along the dotted lines.


  1. Alan

    I used a razor blade which was a bit flimsy and I was supervised by my dad who loaned me the razor blade in the first place. Woe betide me if attempted to do it without his presence.



    1. Hi John,

      I don't think I gave razor blades a though, I would have been in too much of a rush. Yours must have looked a lot neater than mine!



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