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Panini (Spain) - Megafichas Liga 2003-2004 (03) - Sin Temporada

Megafichas Liga 2003-2004
200? cards

Phild at FootballCardsDirect sent me these scans and we've been unable to identify them properly. They are very similar to the regular Panini release but there are a number of differences:
     - The season does not appear on the front or back of the cards
     - The bottom of the back of the card does not have any reference to Panini 
     - The numbering is different with many less cards
     - Corners are rounded slightly
     - The cards are slightly smaller
     - Quality is not so good
No. 169 is the highest number known, many, but not all of the numbers tie in with the Japanese version and the Megacracks and Megapromesas cards are numbered in a similar format to the Japanese version, with MC and MP prefixes rather than the continuous numbering of the original Spanish version.
UPDATE (05-06-2019 08:43):  I've had an e-mail from Phild letting me know these cards were produced in China and are unofficial.

4.  David Sanchez (Albacete Balompie)
8.  Pacheco (Albacete Balompie)
20.  Contra (Atletico de Madrid)
22.  Leo Franco (RCD Mallorca)
27.  Capi (Real Betis Balompie)
30.  Marquez (FC Barcelona)
37.  Contreras (Real Betis Balompie)
41.  Joaquin (Real Betis Balompie)
50.  Luccin (Celta de Vigo)
55.  Molina (Deportivo Coruña)
56.  Naybet (Deportivo Coruña)
58.  Mauro Silva (Deportivo Coruña)
59.  Sergio (Deportivo Coruña)
60.  Valeron (Deportivo Coruña)
61.  Fran (Deportivo Coruña)
63.  Diego Tristan (Deportivo Coruña)
72.  Tamudo (RCD Espanyol)
88.  Eto'o (RCD Mallorca)
91.  Juanmi (Real Murcia)
92.  Maciel (Real Murcia)
102.  Antonio Lopez (C.At. Osasuna)
107.  Bakayoko (C.At. Osasuna)
109.  Ricardo (Racing Santander)
117.  Bodipo (Racing Santander)
118.  Casillas (Real Madrid)
122.  Beckham (Real Madrid)
125.  Raul (Real Madrid)
126.  Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
130.  Xabi Alonso (Real Sociedad)
132.  de Pedro (Real Sociedad)
134.  Nihat (Real Sociedad)
135.  Kovacevic (Real Sociedad)
136.  Notario (Sevilla FC)
140.  Casquero (Sevilla FC)
141.  Baptista (Sevilla FC)
143.  Reyes (Sevilla FC)
144.  Dario Silva (Sevilla FC)
145.  Cañizares (Valencia CF)
150.  Baraja (Valencia CF)
151.  Aimar (Valencia CF)
152.  Vicente (Valencia CF)
154.  Bizarri (Real Valladolid)
159.  Fernando Sales (Real Valladolid)
164.  Belletti (Villarreal CF)
167.  Roger (Villarreal CF)
169.  Jose Mari (Villarreal CF)

Megafichas Liga 2003-2004 - Sin Temporada - Megacracks

MC14.  Beckham (Real Madrid)
MC17.  Ronaldinho (FC Barcelona)

Megafichas Liga 2003-2004 - Sin Temporada - Megapromesas

MP3.  Marc Bertran (RCD Espanyol)
MP8.  Oscar Lopez (FC Barcelona)
MP9.  David Navarro (Valencia CF)
MP11.  Borja (Real Madrid)
MP12.  Nano (Atletico Madrid)
MP15.  Jonan Garcia (Athletic Club)
MP17.  Xisco Nadal (Villarreal CF)
MP18.  Geijo (Malaga CF)
MP20.  Portillo (Real Madrid)

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