Thursday, 10 May 2018

Ogden's Cigarettes - A.B.C. of Sport (St. Julien Tobacco)

A.B.C. of Sport
Ogden's Cigarettes
25 cards

I haven't included this set until now because, although 'F' stands for Football, the card actually features rugby, but here's the checklist anyway - 25 cards, as 'Y' and 'Z' are combined on the last card. St. Julien Tobacco tins also featured the card designs, though I haven't seen one for 'F' so I've included the 'X' tin as an example.

A.B.C. of Sport
A.B.C. of Sport - reprint by Card Collectors Society
A.B.C. of Sport - Tobacco Tin (75mm x 42mm x 10mm)

A.  Angler
B.  Boxer
C. Cricketer
D.  Deerstalker
E.  Elk Hunting
F.  Football (Rugger)
G.  Golfer
H.  Hockey
I.  Imebicle
J.  Jockey
K.  Kudos
L.  Lacrosse
M.  Motorist
N.  Nap
O.  'Ounders of Otters
P.  Pinger (or Ponger)
Q.  Quoiter
R.  Running
S.  Ski-er
T.  Tennis
U.  Umpire
V.  Varlet
W.  Wrestler
X.  X Champion (ex-Champion)
YZ. Yatching

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